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To The Liberty Men Of Michigan

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The Platform of the Buftalo Convention, sessentially the same as lias ever been ndvocated by the Liberty Party, and must claim, of course' tho cordial support of every Liberty man. In the adoption of this we loose nothing - We still liohl to onr principies. Bilt circumstances have changed our position. Instead of tho small lmndful of determinad freemen, which cönstituted the Liberty Party, a great National party is organized'in a day. The proceedings of the liufTalo Convention, will astonish the world. The great unanimity of feeliii!; of mjén from all partios, nnd the determ,io$tion of carrying out principies which are the alone safeguard, of our country, has suddenly brought this party into existence. This party must have a candidate of its own. It could not consistently endorse the candidato of a pre-existing party. Formed as the Convention was, by men from the threo distinct parties, who fur the good of their counli-y were willing to forego all previons prefcrences, nnd como upon one coininmon groond, it was necessary to lose all party distinction. Ia order to do this, the candidatos in nomination, who were favorable to this movement must tender their resignution that tho Convention could act without rostraint, in the selection of their Dominees. John P. Hiilo wilh most exalted magnanimity, did not only resign and leave hisfrienda of the Liberty Party freo to act, but ho nlso gave satisfactory that he would support, the nomination of the G'onvention with liis voto and iufluence.whenever the nominoes t;ikc tho Platform as luid down, as did Leicestor Kingour nomineo for Vice President. Martin Van Buren also, tendered liis resignation as candidato ofthe Utica convention, leaving his friends freeto act. Thus all antagonistic influences were left in oblivion, and they stood pledged to abidé by tho decisión ofthe convention. Concessions were nocessary to form this bond of unlon, and they were cheerlully made. Tho Liberty Party wu weU reprpsented by delegatei from seventeen States of the Union. And RmODg the Delegates we observo d matiy who have stood furemost in tho ranUs for the last eight years. These ware roadj and willing to sacrafico all proviously formed dices Lr men, and go into tho general moveniiMit fortlio advahcement of thegreat principies of justice. Wo wish Üiat cvery Liberty man could have been present aml witpessed tho harmony and good feeling that provailod. Wo we latisfied they must have pnitiikenof the general joy that porvaded that inmenso gathering of Thoso who woro not present must form their opinión from the report ofothe'iSj and their own goood judgenmentand we entrent of thertl to wait c.almly and patiently util they heer from those old and iried champions of Liberty upon whom they can rey testing the consistency of every report, opinión, and principios, before they decide. We ure sati fied with tho principies luid down by tbat convention, and stand pledged to nbide liv its decisión wben the nominco adopts the platform', We have ever been in favor of bold and decimeasuros, and havo no doubt, Martio Van rlesply bvow his npprowil of the pro':ings of the Buffajo Conventipn with sntisnce that In1 fnlly adopta 1 1 Platsiich a resuli vo not only pledgo oor warmest support, but betieve we sh.aH have the hearty no-pperntion of the Liberty men o Michigan, fur wo have ever fouod tltem Iriedttnt true, and am assured from previous ovidonce, tlia they go fov principies, not men. CW We owo many apologie to our readers for the 'rregalarity of uur paper; but tho circamstajtce which contrtileil itwas beyond our rcnch. As tlia meclianical work of the press is aliout changiiig hands and will lr iindi-r tlio supervisión of intcrestcil pêrKDns, we assure the public tliat aftcr the noxt numbör it will appear promptly, and ono day esrliet in the week. We slnill also issue a campiigu papat) ons half the siza of tlio Press, dovotod to tlio ci'ia'i of KoToTm. For particulars se Prospactii.i. W hope our friondi will scml name? and nefa fo both fhat and the Pri..