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The Democratic Ward Caucuses

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The democrats of the city held their caucuses last evening. The first ward nominated W. G. Dieterle for alderman and Albert W. Sorg for constable. The office of supervisor was left with the ward committee to fill. In the second ward Eugene Oesterlin was nominated for supervisor, Christian Martin for alderman and Paul Schall, constable. In the third ward James Kearns was nominated for supervisor, W. G. Snow for alderman for the full term, and William Clancy, jr., for the vacancy. George Brown was named for constable. In the fourth ward John Baumgartner was named for supervisor, Henry Meuth for alderman, and Michael Clark for constable. In the fifth ward Amos Corey was named for Supervisor, Ernest Rehberg for alderman, and Rudolph Kern for constable. In the sixth ward W. D. Harriman was nominated for alderman and H. T. Morton for supervisor. The ward committees for nex year are as follows: First ward, J. V. Sheehan, J. F. Schuh, W. G. Doty. Second ward, Titus Hutzel, Chas. Grossman, R. M. Sandford. Third ward, W. H. Mclntyre, W. Neithammer, Robert Shannon. Fourth ward, John O'Mara, Wm. Miller, John Eisele. Fifth ward, E. P. Mason, Frank Ortman, Chas. Poland. Sixth ward, N. G. Butts, E. B. Norris, Fred. W. Belser. The city convention this evening will be composed of the following delegates: First ward, W. G. Doty, J. V. Sheehan, Arthur Brown, J. D. Ryan, B. F. Watts, J. F. Schuh, James Quarry, John J. Koch, Sam Langsdorf, J. R. Bach, Eugene G. Mann, Thos. Kearney, Martin Clark, Albert Gardner, William Fletcher, M. C. Peterson, M. Gillen, John Goodspeed. Second ward, William Herz, E. Wagner, T. Hutzel, Chas, Grossman, 'Geo. H. Miller, John Koch, Hugh Jenkins, Sid Millard, Eugene Oesterline, G. Brehm, John Haagen, G. F. Lutz, M. Staebler, George Schwaab, Chris. Lutz, John Waltz. Third ward, Jacob H. Stark, John J. Robison, Charles Dwyer, W. A. Mclntyre, Charles H. Kline, William Kennedy, John Ryan, Patriek McCabe, Robert Shannon, William Neithammer, G. W. Snow, C. W. Vogel, Michael Ryan, Richard Burns, John Reynolds. Fourth ward, John O'Mara, C. Roehm, Moses Seabolt, James Donnegan, John Baumgartner, William Gwinner, Morgan Williams, John Sidney, John S. Carroll, George Parker, Martin Seabolt, John Eisele, Christ. P. Carey, Seward Cramer, Peter Hertchen. Fifth ward, E. P. Mason, Oscar Spafford, Rudolph Kern, Frank man, Ernest Rehberg, H. Hardinghaus, Thomas Godkin, Walter Taylor. Sixth ward, Edward Duffy, W├╝liam Merrithew, Fred Belser, Jas. E. Duffy, P. D. Rogers, W. H. Morton, N. G. Butts and M. Cavanaugh.