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The Vote In The County

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The vote in this county is incom plete, Freedom not yet being heard from. Champlin's majority will b about 1,200 and Clark's about 1,250 or 1,275. The amendment carrie the county by about 300. The fig ures, so far as known, are given elow: , Dodgre. pIJn. jfomery. AnnArborcity 977 719 5 AnnArbor H7 81 7 Augusta J60 144 3Ü indgewater 121 49 2 Jexter 111 36 Weedom Lima.. 140 99 ,odi jOI 1B 2 .j'udon 80 37 : lanehester 2S2 165 Northfteld 197 57 11 'ittsileld 89 118 alem 80 109 22 aliuo 197 116 6 cio 224 118 baron 103 46 6 uperior 86 59 3 ylvan 213 293 21 Webster 23 85 T rork 194 152 38 Ypsilanti town 1 123 fl 'psilanti city 537 446 51 Total For regent, Clark was about 50 head of Champlin in the county, while Williams falls four or five otes behind Champlin. Howard jets a few more votes than Cook but )oth fall slightly behind Montgomry. Clark's majorities over Howrd are as follows: Ann Arbor city, 313; Ann Arbor town, 66; Augusta, 7; Bridgewater, 72; Dexter, 75; "reedom, - ; Lima, 21; Lodi, 86; yndon, '42; Manchester, 121; viorthfield, 140; Saline, 8i;Scio, - ; Sharon, 57; Superior, 26, York, 46; Ypsilanti city, 85; total, - . , rd's majorities over Clark are ■ Pittsfield, ; Salem, 28; Sylvan, 9; Webster, 62; Ypsilanti town, 34. 'otal, . Clark's majority in the ounty is . The amendment fixing the attorney generáis salary carries the city y an even 500; Ann Arbor town, 1; Augusta, 12; Bridgewater, 10; odi, 82; Saline, 40; Sylvan, 90; Scio, 102; Ypsilanti city, 79. The majorities against it were: ..yndon, 34; Manchester, 3; Northield, 162; Salem, 129; Superior, 42; Webster, 36; York, 13; Ypsilanti own, 62; Dexter, '28; Pittsfield, 47; Sharon, 1. ANN ARBOR TOWN. The democrats carried Ann Arbor own excepting highway commisioner. The majorities were as folows: Supervisor, Thos. G. Buringame, 89; clerk, Cari F. Widenmann, 70; treasurer, Charles Braun; 5; highway commissioner, Foster Brown, R., 10; school inspector, Walter S. Bilbie, 71; justice, Wm. iern, 56; board of review, John O'Hara, 56; drain commissioner, fred. Stabler, 51; constables, J. Eiazen, Adam Schlécht, John Steffee, Fred J. Parker. AUGUSTA. The democrats elected town clerk and school inspector. The majorities were: Supervisor, Wm. Dansingburg, R., 10; clerk, F. J. Hammond, D., 38; treasurer, S. B. Bibbins, R., 36; justice, Thos Wardle, R., 4; highway commissioner, Chas. Doss, 81; school inspector, Elias Minzey, D. BRIDGEWATER. The entire democratie ticket was elected by from 58 to 69 majority and is as follows: Supervisor, Geo ■ Walter; clerk, Solomon Tate; treas urer, Henry Luckhardt; justice Philip Blum, Frank Johnson; high way commissioner, C. Saley; drain commissioner, Christian Saley, anc school inspector, H. P. Palmer. DEXTER. The democrats as usual elected their ticket by 27 majority. The town officers are: Supervisor, Jacob Jedele; clerk, John W. Welsh; treasurer, Christopher Larn; justice, Charles Cooper; highway commissioner, Michael Walsh; school inspector, Michael McGuire. LIMA. The democratie ticket was elected with the exception of supervisor as follows: Supervisor, Fred Wedmeyer, R., ai; clerk, Wm. Covert, 38; treasurer, Wm. Whittaker, 20; justice, Thomas Morse, 24; justice (vacancy), John G. Zahn, 23; highway commissioner, Fred Frye, 24; drain commissioner, A. Wedmeyer, 2; school inspector, D. E. Beach, 24. MANCHESTER. In this town the republicans elected supervisor and treasurer, the democrats the balance of the ticket: Supervisor, Wm. Burtless, R., 53; clerk, Warren Kemble, 90; treasurer, Irwin Clark, R., 23; justice, Amariah Conklin, 137; highway commission;r, Wm. Henzie, 188; board of Review, M. T. Prout, 139; school inspector, Albert English, 20. SALINE. The entire democratie ticket was :lected by majorities ranging from 25 to 118. The ticket elected and majorities were: Supervisor, Edward DePuy, 118; clerk, John Gillen, 30; treasurer, Martin G. Reynolds, 25; ustice, John F. Buck, 91; highway commissioner, George J. Feldkamp, 81; school inspector, Délos A. Townsend, 79; board of review, Edwin W. Wallace, 78; constable, John H. Warner, 93; Robert S. Baty, 84. John Burkhart, 87; John Lutz, 78. scio. The democratie ticket which swept the town carried it by the following ing majorities: Supervisor, A. T. Hughes, 102; clerk, John W. Barley, 375; treasurer, Edward F. Buss, 29; justice, Wm. Cairns, 123, (va;ancy) B. C. Whitaker, 117; highway commissioner, Geo. E. Moore, 10; drain commissioner, Fred Fieel, 101; school inspector, D. E. ioey, 104. SYLVAN. The democrats made a break in lis republican town and captured ie highway commissioner, clerk nd school inspector. The majories were: Supervisor, J. L. Gilert, 88; clerk, P. J. Lehman, D., ; treasurer, A. Conkright, R., 34; ustice, E. A. Ward, R., 52; highway commissioner, F. H. Sweetland, )., 31; drain commissioner, S. L. Gage, R., 59; school inspector, Frank Riggs, D., 40; board of reiew, F. Kalmbach, 9; constables, . M. Woods, John Kern, M. M. Campbell, Perry Depew. webster. The republican and only ticket in Webster was: Supervisor, Edwin Ball; clerk, C. G. DeCamp; board of review, O. W. Cushing, treasurer, J. W. Williams; justice, E. Cushman (full term), Henry Sims (vacancy) ; highway commissioner, F. itchfield; drain commissioner, Mathew Bird; school inspector, A. Simms; constables, John Cushing, Geo. Phelps, Robert Scadin, John Bird. YORK. York went democratie except on treasurer as follows: Supervisor, Alfred Davenport, 61; clerk, John M. Clark, 60; treasurer, John O. Jackson, R., 22; justice, ChristianC. Sangree, 51; highway commissioner, M. A. Davenport, 38; school inspector, Wm. J. Ramey, 74; board of review, A. S. Hayden, 57; constables, Andrew J. Braman, 52, Henry Schroen, jr., 51, Anson B. Draper, 56, Charles Hale, 47. YPSILANTI TOWN. The republicans carried Ypsilanti town as follows: Supervisor, John L. Hunter, 90; clerk, Christian J. Kelley, 31; treasurer, Frank W. Wiard, 56; justice, Jas. C. Bemiss, 29; highway commissioner, Benj. D. Loomis, 37; school inspector, Wm. H. Lay.