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i The 1M,COO.XX) uciv tr.-ict, of pina recently puroha.-e.l by tmk, Woo.U&Co, oL ; Oscodi, on tiie Au SuUe river, ior $S7,j 000, is one of the liirgest buuches of piue eft in the state, and ihis oue won't bo left long. HarrisOD peopk are still iu pursnit of some gooii niiiler who's out. of a job and caá be íuduced' to grind for 'eiu for a reasouable bonus. T he bevy of Swartz Creek women who thought to have some sport by parading the streets of the town April 1 dressed in suits of their hunband's clothiug, have beeu tal leed about by the neigbbors until they're heartily ashamed of the episode. Daniel Pomeroy and Heary Houk are a pairof Northville citizens, each of whom has scored 94 years, who nmrehed o the polls together and cast their ballots at the spring election. Krtlamuzoo has an alderman who carne very near to beiug transíerred to the council on high by accideutally taking an overdose of aconite. Bronsou people are so vorried over their $30] municipal debt that they've decided to grope around in the dark o'nights until the debt is paid, when the btreet lights will shine again. The seven cheese faetones of Sanilac county are curdling the milk of 4,300 cows with a fair prospect of turning out in the neighborhood of S5ü,0C0 pounds of cheese during the-seasou, worth upwards of 80,000. Allen Roland, a Bay City citizen, went out to purchase a coffin for nis infant child, and was shocked to find the mother dead also upon his return home. Eddie Lipps, the Hart boy who wandered away f rom a party of sugar makers and was lost, is thought to have been destroyed by a bear. No trace of the lad can be found, but bear tracks where he was last seen are plentiful. Three years ago Ella Carlisle was left a lone widow, her husbaud securing a diTorce. Now Ella wants the case leopened, but Judge Hosmer, of Detroit, decides that it's too late to do so. An outfit of ioreigii weeds and grasses, ernbracing 1,500 varieties, is to be imported by the State Agricultural college for the students' iuspection. Auy practical farmer knowsthat Michigan soil needs noeucouragement in the growth of noxious weeds and plants. ïhe Onota chemical company is a newly-organized Marquette institution, with a capital stock oL 5200,000 for the purpose of making wood alcohol, for which there's agood demaud at remunerative figures. Monroe county needs a new bastüe but the taxpayers decided that the old affair must answer until better times should make it easier to meet the demands of the tax collector. Maud Warner, the Lenawee county girl whose joints insisted on dropping apart despite the best efïorts of the doctors to prevent it, has been cured by the continued application of electricity. Jackson penitentiary will be furnished 4,000 yards of stripad cloth for conrict use by a Detroit firm at 47% cents per yard. Very few people like to wear it, however. William Egan, convicted of manslaughter at Grand Rapids, goes to the Ionia reformatory for a period of fifteen years. Dr. John Avery, whose home is at Greenville, was elected president of the state board of health at the last annual meeting. The Swartz creek bridge, near Flint, took a notion to droD ''tother day at just the right time to give ix men, a span of horses, a wagon and a hay press a cold bath. The men and horses managedto pull for the shore, but the balance of the outfit is still in the swim. James E." Matthews and wife, Kalamazoo people, were both stricken with the grip about the same time, and both died the same day, cnly a few hours part. Gold has been discovered oa land owned by George W. Bander on the Menominee rango near Norway. An Indian made the discovery. Muskegon gets still another donation from her benefactor, Charles H. Hackley, in the shape of cash for a $75,000 school building. This makes a total of $369,000 which Mr. Hackley has given that city. Sagiuaw Maccabees propose to celébrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of that order Juhe 10, in right royal style. A Portland party paid his subscription to a local paper with a bundie of flax straw which was grown more than a quarter of a century ago in Ionia county. John Widicomb, the Grand Rapids furniture manufacturer, has tried the nine-hour system and finds it more satisfactory for a day 's work than ten hours. Daniel D. Sinclair is an Adrián citizen who bas seen 86 summers and has been a member of the Masonic fraternity for more tuan half a century. He's been taking degrees all these years and is now very close to the top round of the ladder. Sixty-two Croswell citizens have concluded that drinking intoxicants is bad business, and so have organized theniselves into a Good Templars lodge. The City of Charlevoix arrived at Duncan City, Mich., Monday morning, the first boat through the straits this season. Golden visions of incoming wealth greet the visión of the Adrián man who's devised an automatic brake for freight cars. The Flint and Pere Marquette railway will give them a trial. Pine lumber is up several notches in price and Michigan mili owners are in good spirits in consequence. Ed J. Dixon was an inexperienced Saginaw lineman, and in the attempt to natangle a telephone and electric light wire, which had becoine crossed, was fattally shocked. Edwin Haaf was a Mt. Clemens citizen who thought himselt to be of divina origin and that he would never die, but he was buried a few days since. One of his peculiarities was to wear no coat, not even on the coldest winter' s day. Maggie Hodge was a Hudson girl who vnswered a matrimonial advertisemeut a few months since, and now's the happy bride of a Montana man. Work will be resumed at the Pewabic mine as soon as new timbera can be put in, the fire ha ving burned itself o at. Bay City Presbyterians propose to have the largest church edifice in the city, the grand dimensions being 165 by 95 f eet. The Micbigamnie mine has been shut down on account of the depression in the ore market, and 350 men must seek employment elsewhere. Some fellow who's evidently out of an bonest job is traversing the state claiming to be a state boiler inspector and collecting fees from mili and factory owners. He's a fraud, as there's no such officer. The bite of a feroeious buil dog, ing in l.'locd poisoniuit, was what cat ried one of Adrian's leading business mea to nis long home. Grand Rapids street car companies are arranaing to substituto electricity for the cable nirthod of locomotion, and have contracted for $180,000 wortu of electrical equipment. St. Louis secures Professor Yerington's commercial college, located at Alma. A $10,000 bonus did the business. John Cole was a Manistee man who was taken sick while making a thirty mile trip to be married, and died befoffe he could reach home. Cole was a bartender and said to bj a good patrón of his own goods. When the returns of the spring election cain6 in Reed City supposeJ slie was entitled to be the capital of Oseóla county by virtue of a niajority of 12 for the removal propositiou; but when the board of cauvassers came to scrutinize the votes it was fouad that Herseyville held the fort by a niajority of 10.