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WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. SIX ROOM HOUSE, wlth barn or without, and garden for $1.25 per week . Inquire of L. Bassett. 33-3T. FOR SALE- A very desirable lot, with house comer of South University and Thayer St. Enquire 34 South Ingalls St. 33-37 FOR SALE- A d welling house on córner Thayer and Monroe Streets. Enquire at premises of Patrick Boner. 33-37 XpOR SALE- The Speechley homestead on Miller Avenue. Inquire at 73 South Maiu Street. 31-35. FOR RENT.- A good business place at No 5. Detroit street. Use of electric light and water works. 29-33 WANTBD.- A competent girl to do housework. Good wages, steady employment. 105 Hamilton street, Ypsilanti. 29-33 FOR SALE!- Brick and Tile yard at Junction of T. A. A. and Wabash H. R. Addres6, Mrs. F. A. Blinn, Milán, Mich. 31-41 TOR SALE- House and two lots for sale at F about the price of the lots. Enquire J. T. Jacobs, P.O. Long time given if desired. 31-35 QTRAWBERRY PLANTS - 100,000 cholee Oplants; ten popular varieties. Warfleld and Oeseent $2 per 1000 át the grounds. Michigan Poultry Farm, Saline. 31-35 f"P O LET- 36 acres of flrst class land on shares I. or cash near this city. Allow good pasture for horses and cows. Apply J. L. Mann. 32 E. Harón street, Ann Arbor. 31-35 WANTED.- To sell or exehange for rea estáte, one of the best paying manufactur ing concerns in Ann Arbor. Addressat once. Bargain, Abgus, Ann Arbor, Mich. 29-33 FOR RENT- Two commodious pleasant flats, with six rooms eaoh in New Block on State street. Enquire at No. 18 South State street. 66- tf. ANN ARBOR NÜRSERT- Fruit and ornamental trees. Peach and pear a specialty. Grapo vines, berry plants, etc. Pnce low. Jacob Ganzhorn, head of Spring street. 1 OPER CENT INVESTMENTS !- County and X íTownship securities. No risk, no collection expenses, reauire no attention, absolutely sale! Address E. Berrigan, Principal State Normal School, Milnor, North Dakota. 31-53 FOR SALE.- Three and a half lots an house, No. 25 N. Ashley street. House ten rooms, cistern, water works, barn. all in good repair. Lots sold separately if desired. Lower lots $250. Lot with house. A decided bargain. Enquire of F. J . Schleedo, State st., or 25 N. Ashley st. FOR SALE- Unfurni8hed rooms for house" keeping $5 00 and $7.00 per month. One" half of targe house, $10.00 per montb, very convenient, large yard, water etc. Public Hall on Main St., for students or other society. Good office on Main St. New house and 6 acres of ground and fruit trees, a mile f rom Court House. Enquire of J. Q. A. SE8SIONS, Att'y and Real Estáte Agent, No. 5 North Main St. 33-tf FOR RENT- An unfurnished house, eonsisting ef parlor,parlor bed-room, sittingroom, dining room, kitchen, kitchen bed room, and bath room on flrst floor with four suites of rooms on second floor with modern improvements with three acres of ground mostly in fruit, alsoincluding barn, situated in Broadway, flfth ward, one mile from court house Apply to or address, C. H. Manly, Ann Arbor, WANTED TO RENT OR BUY,- A new dweiling house, this city. Reasonable price. AU cash. or on time. Possession in Mayor next Fall, immaterial, to please owner. By lady and gentleman. No children. Address, stating price, for two weeks. Mr. Bee, Box 1564, city. 29-33 W. F. LODHOLZ IS OFFERING IA1KAIHS IN Qroceries and Provisión:. riaST-CLASS SCODS SPECIAXTY. New Teas at 25, 30, 40. and 50c per pound. Kettles, porcelain lined, free with 1 pound Baking Powder at 50 cents. China ware free with i pound coffee at 25 cents per Ib. ; The best goods at the lowest prices. Always full weight and measure. All goods fresh . and warranted. Delivered to any part of the city. You will save money by trading with W. F. LODHOLZ, - 4 and 6 Broadway. i