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A Young Girl Arrested For Forgery

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About six o'clock last Saturday a young girl of about fifteen, with hree umbrellas, presented herself at A. L. Noble's store and asked for he cashing of a check for $35, igned by D. Rinsey. The check was made payable to Mr. Rogers or earer, and she claimed that her name was Miss Rogers. She was held until Mr. Rinsey had pronounced the check a forgery, when Officer Peterson took the girl in charge and brought her down to jail . She proved to be Lizzie Alger, who lives in the fifth ward, and is the daughter of reputable parents. The forgery was clearly in her handwriting and she had three other forged checks in her possession. She had received a fair education and had been well cared for by her parents, but of late had manifested a wayward disposition, shown by hiring livery horses under assumed names without paying for them, and borrowing money on her father's credit. She was admitted to $500 bail yesterday afternoon and her hearing set down for May 12.