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The Tecumseh Herald eximes out in a new ...

The Tecumseh Herald eximes out in a new ... image
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The Tecumseh Herald eximes out in a new dress, as neat as a new pin. The Herald would be a credit to a town very many times the size of Tecumseh, and we are glad to know that it is in a healthy condition with a host of admiring readers. The Adrián Press calis attention to the fact that the republicans carried Michigan this spring with 20,000 less votes than last fall and with 84,000 less votes than in 1888. When it is remembered that the republicans smarting under defeat were driven to make extra exertions it will be seen that their record need not make them feel very good. For the first time in many years a democratie assembly was elected in New York State last fall. They adjourned a couple of weeks ago and the tax rate of New York was reduced f rom 2.34 to 1-375, a reduction of 56 per cent. Our Michigan legislature can study this record to advantage. We believe that they will not break the democratie record for economy. We confess to being not at all pleased with the Bastone Congressional reapportionment bill, and the sentiments of the democracy down this way likewise seem to be against it. The trouble seems to be in the way in which Washtenaw is placed. The proposed district is Genesee, Oakland, Livingston, Ingham and Washtenaw. The district is an exceedingly irregular one. It has twelve sides. Washtenaw is placed among entirely new neighbors. Only one railroad connects us with the district, and that only runs through Livingston and touches the borders of Genesee. If this doesn't look like a gerrymander, we don't know what is. Washtenaw is separated from old associates and tacked on as the tail end of a district with which she does not geographically belong. We hope that the democrats of the house will see to it that the Bastone bill is amended so far as Washtenaw county is concerned.