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Look out for the Key ! There are nine inmates ifc the county jail. . ( Chelsea village will raise $ 1,000 c by direct tax this year. ] 1 The Manchester school has an en( rollment of 349 pupils. . The grounds about the Disciples church have been graded. The court house lawn was freed from dandelions yesterday. John Zahnand Miss Mary Drussle were married in Saline, Thursday. Peach prospects were not injured last week as much as was expected. Rev. Ferdinand Schlessinger delivered hisfarewell sermón in Saline, Sunday. Daniel Butler will build a new house on his farm in Sharon this suramer. Csn the Key be found ? The Manchester creamery turned out 1550 pounds of butter in three days, last week. Selva E. Twist died in Manchester, May 2, of pneumonia, aged thirty-six years. A new ordinance just passed by the Chelsea council closes the saloons at nine o'clock. A number of the members of the Wolverine Cycle Club took a trip to Bridgewater, Sunday. Mrs. Maulthop died in Green Oak April 30. She formerly kept a hotel atWalsh's corners in Northfield. The city expenses of Ypsilanti last year were $53,356.01, including $16,476.04 bonds and interest paid. The Normal school base-ball nine defeated the Ann Arbor high school nine Friday, by a score of 14 to 10. Mrs. T. Sayle, of southern Manchester, died May 1, of consumption, leaving a husband and four children. President Angelí delivers his lecture "A Visit to Pekin" at the Orchard Lake Military Academy this evening. N. J. Kyer, of ths City Mills, is having a frame addition built on the south side of his brick residence near the milis. An addition to the Psi U. house, to cost $4,500, will be built this spring. It will include library, study and chambers. Look out for the Key ! A very large number of chickens ntar Whitmore Lake have died of chicken cholera this year. Whole flocks have been carried off. Yesterday afternoon in the circuit court a motion for a new trial was made in the case of Kate L. Thompson vs. W. B. Thompson, argued and denied by the court. Can the Key be found? Some bilis cover a long period of time. The Clinton Cemetery Association has just been presented with a bilí of $250 by George Morton for twenty-five years' services. All the breaks in the Swift dam structure have been closed and the water now flows only over the dam proper. The raising of the race banks has not yet, however, been completed. Last Sunday was one of the quietest in Ann Arbor. Marshal Murray and Patrolmen Collins and Tice saw that the saloons were closed on that day. They are also seeing that they are closed after hours. Dr. Edward Piek will lecture in the room of the Philosophical society in University hall upon Memory and the Rational Methods of Improving It. He comes highly recommended by Presidents C. K. Adams and Andrew D. White. Jacob Knapp, of Freedom, met sith an accident a few days ago vhich carne near being serious. In jlowing, the limb of a tree caught 3n the harness, and when released t sprang back striking him across the nose and cutting a deep gash. - Manchester Enterprise. The M. E. church in Willis was dedicated Sunday before last, free of debt. There was $800 of debt left on the morning of the dedication, but that was all raised after the sermón of the presiding eider and in the evening #100 was raised towards buying an organ. A number of the carpenters of the city went out Monday on a strike for a ten per cent. advance in wages and nine hours work. W. F. Abrams, of Detroit, vice-president of the Carpenters' National Union, addressed a large crowd from the court house steps, last night, and urged them to remain out until their demands wereacceded to. One day last week while alone in the house, Hrs. Norgaard (the aged mother of Mathew and Thomas Jen9n) put her hand in a pot of boiling cabbage, and then went down cellar and put it into pork brine. The result is that the flesh is coming off, and the old lady is a great sufferer. About five months ago she did the same thing. - Chelsea Standard. Died, May 2, 1891, Mrs. Sarah Killam, at her house about four and a half miles south of this village. Sarah Rockwell was born June ist, 181 7, in Canada, and at the age of six years removed to Peru, N. Y. She carne to Michigan about 1832, and was married to Elijah Killam in 1837, since vvhich time her home has been on the farm on which she died.- Chelsea Standard. Look out for the Key ! In order to save himselr from loss Bro. Beakes, of the Ann Arbor 1 üus has to have his paper delivered ] bv carrier. The new law on papers i other than weekly papers, makes the ; postage one cent upon each paper, and knocks the profit off of all papers delivered by mail. Because Bro. Beakes, like all other newspaper publishers, is surrounded by gold and United States bonds, it is no sign that Post-Master General Wanamaker should rob him for the benefit of the government. The tariff is a tax. - Monroe Democrat. S. D. Allen of , this city, is visiting the towns on the Michigan Central as far as Albion,and G. E. Dibble, the towns on the Toledo & Ann Arbor, in the interest of the Student's Christian , Association Art Loan excursions. It is hoped that every village will embrace the opportunity to visit Newberry hall and the beautiful exhibits, which will include many of the best specimens of art that can be found in the State of Michigan. All departments of the University will be open to visitors. Reduced fares will be given by the railroads. Look out for the Key ! The Ann Arbor Commandery, Knights Templar, decorated the graves of those of their commandery who have gone before, Sunday noon, and held appropriate services in charge of Eminent Commander John R. Miner and Prelate Levi D. Wines. Three Sir Knights passed away during the past year, Thos. F. Hill, Geo. N. Sutton and Sedgwick James. The other graves decorated were those of H. J. Beakes, John N. Gott, Frederick Sorg, Morgan O'Brien, Robert Price, A. F. Hangsterfer, Simon O. Ball, L. C. Risdon, E. J. Johnson, W. H. Potter and James H. McGoffin.