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During the election three years ago, the...

During the election three years ago, the... image
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During the election three years ago, the Harrison followers did a great deal of parading. They have kept on pay-raiding since, until the one hundred million dollars surplus left by the democrats has been spent. - Grand Rapids Democrat. The legislature has cut down the salaries of deputy oil inspectors, so thedeputy in the heaviest district in the state, cannot receive over 900 a year. This may not be good news for some of the disappointed candidates for deputy oil inspector. If they can't have a good thing 110 one else can in that line. Jamas M. Turner, the late defeated candidate for governor on the republican ticket, has failed. This is the second republican candidate for governor last fall, who has failedsince election. Turner, of Michigan, and Delamater, of Pennsylvania, were both considered wealthy men, when they run for office. Evidently it takes boodle to run a republican campaign. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat (Republican) admits that the Republican party lacks "an influential and widely read press," and that the "young men, and the sons and founders of Republicanism are either acting with the Democratie party, or at least they are not actively supporting the Republican party." "This," it adds, "is both a warning and an indictment. A party which lacks an infiuential press and young, progressive men, has a fatal cause of dissolution, and ' is threatened with quick destruction.