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The College Girl At Wellesley

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Not one of the least of the advantages of our own college is its large proportion of Western and Southern students. Situated as it is in the heart of the East, a full attendance of eastern students is natural; but the proportion of New England students is kept at about one-half, so that the college as fully represents the West and South as the East. Wide locality representation is one of the very desirable conditions of college life. From it there inevitably resuits to the students a widening of interests, a familiarity with local peculiarities of speech and manner, which corresponds in some degree to the experience of travel, and a strengthening of national spirit from the extended experience with, and interest in, people from various sections of the country. The girl who has been to college loses her decided local peculiarities; and when she graduates she is American rather than Eastern op Western. She is cosmopolitan; and the college girl, more than any other, is, in manv resnects, the typical American girl.-


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