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Sulphur Bitters

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i The Greatest Blood Puríferi 1 KNOWN. ü M This Great Germán Medicine is the Jf-, I A cheapest and best. 128 doses of ff lpHITR BITTERS for 1.00, less than M 5 Jlone cent a dose. It will cure the ff 3 worst cases of skin disease, f rom m Ja common pimple on the face ff Ir' ■ in that awful disease, Scrofula. ff 5 JSULPHUR BITTERS is the# 5 ■best medicine to use in all ff 3cases of sucu stubborn and Your Kid3 ili'cp seated diseascs. Do ff neys are out Inot ever take M of order. Use 1 BLUE PILLS #SULPHUR , 2 BLUE PILLS #BITTERS. If 1 3ormercnry,theyaredead-youare sick, no , ■ lv. Place your trust in matter what ails 4SULPHUR BITTERS, #you, use . Tthe purest and besten ■ ■ at,, ■ medicine eTer made. ff W 0111615 1 ' until flwithayellowstickyare unabie t0 walk, or a.ubstance?Isyourare ñ&t on your back2breath foul andbllt get some at oncei it offensive? ourwill cure gulphur Istomach is outBitters is ■of order. Use m FwrniS The Invalids Frlend' immediately#Theyonng,the aged and totHlsyonrUr-'ring are soon made well by ■inethick Wü& use. Remember what you Jr0Py C1O.W read here, it niay save your 3udy orl'fe, it has saved hundreds. #Don't wait until to-morrow, il f TryaBottleTo-day! "3 sfff Are you low-spirited and weak, mS.ffor sufterins f rom the excesses of 3-Wyouth? If so, SULPHUR BITTERS MffwM cure you. %f 'ni f m'wmi vw i ■■ ' Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass., for best medical work published?