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May pAiiGAiris At the busy Store of SEE WHAT 31-2c WILL BUY 50 pieces 5c Challies cut to . . . .yc per yd. 25 pieces 8c Curtain Scrira cut to 3'AC " 50 peices Twill Cras!; Towelling cut to 3'ac " 25 pieces 6c Lawns cut to 3}c " 200 pieces 5c Bunts cut to 3,l2 ' See What 5c Will Buy! 75 pieces Best 7c light and dark Prints, now 5c a yd. 2 bales fine Unbleached Cotton,worth 7c, now 5c " 1 case fine Bleactied Collón cut to . .5c " $0 pieces Pc Dro-i Challies cut to. . .5c " 20 pieces 10c fancy Cuitain Scrim cut to Sc " One lot plaid and check Ginghams cut to 5c " One case cotlon plaid Dress Goods cut to 5c " 50 dozen Men's Fancy Cotton Hose, now 5c a pair 25 pieces loc iancy Outing Flannel, now 5c a yd. Big lot plaid and check toe White Goods. now Sc " White Shaker Ilannel, worth I2c, now 5r' ' 6d dozen Lacies' 10c Ribbed Vests cut to Sc each LAD1ES, COME AKD SEE OUR BLACK LACE DRESS-NETS( in Gin F)iits, I-ovtt's Knots. Crescents and Fancy binpes. at 251;, 50c, 75c and fi.oo a yard. All 45 inclies wide. 4S inch Black Cliantilly Late Flouncings, eiegnrt qi-.ality, at $1 00, $135. $1.75, $2.00. 5CO rtDMionu Vilct.en, worth 25c, for 10c a piece. LAIJIFS. durirg tliis sale we will sell 200 pi tees Cuiion Diaper, worth 75c, for 49c a piece. Big lot Nottingbam Lace Curtains 59c a pair. 200 Curiain Shadts, complete, 25c and 35c t-Ech. 28 paiis elegant Chenille Curtains, al $5,50 a pair. 50 pieces wide-point Dejene Laces, worth 50c, cut to 25c a pair. 500 pieces ioc Ribbons, cut to 5c a yard. Ladies' ure Silk Milts, worth oc, cut to 250a pair. Lauies' pure Silk Gloves, worth 37Jíc, cut to 25c a pair. Lachis1 lact 1,'ad I is-lt Vesls, worlh 50c now 25c each. 1. relies Uircy .Lisie cms, in put, cicmi and blue. ncw 25c each. 75 M-'.W Spnng ard Svmmer Jackets opentd iliis week, at L2.50, $3.50, $4.00 and $5. co each. 25 ui.zen Boys' fancy Shirt Waists, worth 50c, cut to 25c each. B ij; lot Men's faney Flannel Shirts, 25c each. BARGA1NS! BARGAINS! FOR MAY SALES. Always the Cheapest. SchairBr - & - Hen, Leaders of Low Prices. HEÜ7 BICHAROS. Dealer in all kinds of hard mi imn rsncE n, Maple Flooring, etc. also Fine and Shingles. ALL. KINDS OF FIRE WOOD. PRICES as LOW as any dealer in the City. Agent for tapion lún ú Uowen. No. 9 öetroit Street AKN AKBOK, - - MICHIGAN WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs! PRICES THE LOWEST OSCAB, Ó. S0HG, THE DECORATOE, 7 o zvEinsr st.