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The Presentation To Rev. Fr. Fierle

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As mentioueed in Tuesday's Argus, Kev. Fr. Fierle was on Monday eveniug presented with a purse of $516 by his former parishioners here. Rov. LouisP. Goldrick's presentation speech was as follows: Eev. Father Fierle:- In accordance with the wishes of your Ann Arbor frieuds I aiu here this evening to voice in a summary manner, the kind sentiraents of your parishioners and otherg towards you on thls the eve of your departure for another field of labor. For the space of uearly 12 years you have labored most assidously and zealously for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the parish intrusted to your priestly guidance. How scrupulously, yet unostentaciously, you have dischnrged the saered duties of your sublime office while you were here, the God who whispered in to your ears through the lips of the Bishop, on the day of your Holy Ordination. "Go and teach all natlons baptizlng .them in the name of the Fat lier, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," well knows this night. Man judges by the outward appearance, but God searches the heart. We read the "Lives of great men of t remind us We can make our lives sublime, And departing leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time." You have not aimed to gain erupty worldly applause. The work you have humbly accomplished in our midst, together with the religious reverence of the young, as well as the old, is a living attestation of your worth as a faithful servant of God. Men's deeds live after them. If we ask what deed of yours will live after you in this parish, we have but to ask the traveler on the train to look upward and view the beautiful ornament you have reared, through co-operation, on the part of your faithful ones, just above the hillside of this fair town wherein is also situated the pride of the state, the University of Michigan. This leautiful school will stand as a monument to your zeal as a priest of God, and the untold good whleh has and will be accomplished in it will go to add new lustre to the crown prepared for the worthy shepherd of his flock. As a priest, raiu, hail, storm, loathsomeness of disease, or any other consideration, never deterred you for a moment from fulfilling the duties of your sacred office, and not only in the consecrated earth of Ann Arbor, but the ncighboring grave-yarda are there those reposing to-night, who left this world encouraged, and fortified by your kind ministrations. The young you see here upon whose heads you poured the regenerating waters of baptism, others whom you joined in Holy wedlock, in a word, Eev. Father, the young, the mlddle aged and the old are here this evening expressing by their presence the respect they entertain and the love they cherish for you, their devoted pastor. Your neighboring confrères in the Sacred Ministry also extend their kindest wishes for the future to you who have at all . times extended to them the hospitnlity of your house. You leave the congregation of St. Thomas for another charge we know at the BOlicitation of your Bishop whose motive in this means for you promotion. To this order we humbly bow, since we know the will of the Bishop on this particular point is the will of every priest worthy of the name. Otherwise we fully understand how easy it would be to inake the vocatión of a Minister of God a thing subservient to the caprices of the peo pie, and his zeal only commensui-ate with the fatness of the salary the next cali would hold out to him. You leave us on the morrow, aud as we eay farewell, with feelings of gratitude we culi one Httle flower from the fond bouquet of lasting remembrance for you in this parish and term it the "go'od and faithful servant." Accept this substantial tokeu of respect írom your well wishers of the parish, and be assured their wishes are not alone for your temporal welfare, but above all your eternal felicity in Heaven. Eev. Fr. Flerle made a brief but very feeling response to the presentation, which carne upon him as a surprise. He was presented with a number of articles which would serve to remind him of his oíd parish.