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High School Commencement

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The twerity-secomi annual oom-mencement of the Ann Arbor high seho' .. There are seventy-one gVaduates. The exercisea to-day consist of the iollowing orations and essays: "A Current Question," by Jessie O. Barber, Kent, Ohio; "The Future of America,"' Charles H. Duncan, Ann Arbor; "My Album Pictures," Jeasie E. Mldgley, Ann Arbor; "Our Treatment of the Foreigner,'' Harry L. Griswold, Whitehall, 111.; ■'Amerieanisms,1' Ernily J. Purfield.Anui Arbor; "The Struggles of Liberty.'' James S. Handy, Aun Arbor; "ïhe People We Meet," Lurene Seymour, St. Louis Mo.; "Beginnings," J. Sterling St. John, Highland; "The Man in the Moon," Florence E. Smith, Ann Arbor; "Earth's Battle Fields," Nettle Treadwell, Ann Arbor town; "A Page of History," Vanee B. Wilkins, New Orleans. The seventy-one graduates are as folio ws: dassical coürse - Wlnlfred Orr, Claude J. Price, Ira Severance, Leiand Sabin, Fila I.. Wagner, Herman P. Thomas, Warren H. Thompson. Latin course- Mary B. Cooley, Chas. H. Duncan, Nna M. Doty, Annie ster, Albert E. Greene, Josephine H. Hyde. James S. Hañdy, Nell Kempf, L. Algae McGilvray, Clara M. McOmber, Jessie E. Midgley, Carlotta E. Pope, Lnrene Seymour, Florence E. Sinlth, Charles H. Traver, May E. Taylor, Kate B. Warner, Edward H. Waples. English course - Charles S. Abbott, Jessie O. Barber, Mary Blodgett, Nellie M. Copeland, . Elmer E. Close, Bertha Feiner, Abner R. Hayes, Mary I. Kauska, Carrie P. Krause, Eruest Lathrop, Edwin McAllaster, Fredland H. Parsons, Harry M.Porter,NettieTreádwell, Lillie M. Yolland, Mlnnle A. Walker, Jeannette S. West. Scientific course- John C. Condón, Harry L. Griswold, Ora A. Hatch, Eliza M. Hill, George C. Keech, Genevieve Kittredge, Emma G. McAllaster, Williain N'euniaiin, ErnestC.Phelps, Viola M. Pettys, Enima J. Purriefd, Della M. Robbins, J. Sterling St.John, Cassius E. Wakelield. Engineering course- August Blaess, Wallace W. Chickering, Edward Frisbie, Alian C, McDoi cdland H. Parsons, Vanee P. "U'ilkins. Commercial coursé Almeda Bacliman, Katherine M. 3Iead, Mildred J. Olp, Margaret M. O'Neill, Elizabeth L. Phillips, Charlotte M. Reichenecker, Kate M. Saunders, Charles W. Tubbs, Emma C. Tanner.