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Sulphur Bitters

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J The Greatest Blood Purifieril KNOWN. ff ' This Great Germán Medicine is the M. i Mrw.yn. and best. 128 doses of m ■ JPHUR BITTERS for f 1.00, less than # g ! 4one cent a dose. It will cure the M 4. ■worst cases of skin disease, from M " Ja common pimple on the faceM 3 ■to tnat awful disease, Scrofula. M JSULPHUR BITTERS is the # ,5 ■ best medicine to use in all m cases of auch stubborn andYour ', deep seated diseases. Do Wneys are out Mnot ever take M of order. Use I m BLUE PILLS SULPHUR , 3 BLUt HLLS #BITTERS. If aormercnry,theyaredead-#you are sick no ■ ly. Flace your trust in M mattpr wht nii 4srLPHUR KITTEKS.Xfe WLit "lls Qthe purest and best#,J, , _,,. ' medicine ever made. 1$ BlttSrS ! ' fearvíogweíicí f' " until vou irubstance-Ts vour # are unabie t0 wlUk' or pSHSfe-6 Sul!)hur iSXmènsThe Iwalld's Friend. 5inimediately#The yonng, the aged and totWlsyourUr- tering are soon made well by vine thick, m its use. Remember what you MTopy,clo-W read here, it may save ybur 3udy. oTWlite, it has saved hundreds. M g. FDon't wait until to-morrow, 1 1 Try a Bottle To-day ! J ƒ Are you low-spirited and weak, M ft or suffering ' from the excesses of Wyouth? If so, SULPHUR BITTERS MM will cure yon. Send 3 2-cent etamps to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Maes., for best medical work published?