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Shall Ann Arbor Have Sewerage?

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A meeting of the sewerage committee was held in the common council room, Tuesday evening. There were jresent Messrs. Beal, Dean, Keech, Schuh, Martin, Mclntyre, Wines, Miner, and City Attorney Norris, besides a brace of reporters. The committee discussed the methods for raising the necessary funds to build a sewerage system. It was agreed upon that an enabling act of the legislature could not be looked Hor and that without it the sum of $20,000 could not be voted this year unless it were all raised this year. It was argued that if the $20,000 were all raised this year, the tax rate would still be lower than in most cities and that the main sewer would all be paid for without running the city ín debt. It was also figured out that $20,000 would mean an additional 33 cents on every $100 of assessed valuation or $3.33 on $1,000. The committee were unanimously in favor of raising $20,000 this year and the following report was drawn up: To the Common Council: The joint committee on sewers beg leave to recommend to the councll that an electlon be called at an early date to determine the question ol raising the sum of $20,000 by taxation lor the purpose of building a main sewer accordlng to the plan of Prof.C.E.Greene. The entire taxation of last year, for. all purposes, was $13.50 per $1,000; to raise an additional sum of $20,000 for sewers would make about $3,3& per $1,000, in all $16.83 per $1,000, The sum of $20,000 will undoubtedly pay the entire cost of a main sewer and the committee, after thorough discussion ,are unanimously of the opin ion that it is the only feasible plan to pursue. Should an attempt be made to raise only a portion of the sum required we should take the chance Of raising and spending that portion and 'the following year the proposition might be defeated which would leave the sum already expended absolutely lost, the money spent and nothing accomplished. The lateral sewers will cost about 33 cents per foot, that is, for a 66 feet lot it would be about $11 for each lot of that frontage, the tax being laid on lots on each side of the street. Resoectfully, Chairman, pro tem. Secretwy.