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Three Years Record

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Three years of the present pastorate of the Baptist church were completed the iirst of June. The church has reason to feel encouraged over substantiaJ gains jn that time in every direction, as the resulta of its labors and of gifts thoughtfully bestowed upon it. In membership it has increased from 315 to about 440 mames, the additions for the three years numbering 215, of whom 103 were received by baptism, 8 by restoration and on experience, ana the rest by letter. The chureh has contributed for expenses in the three years between $7,000 and $8,000 and ior benevolence between $1,500 and $2,000.The church has received the gift of a parsonage, a bequest of the late Mrs. S. S. Cowles, and receives between $800 and $900 as residuary legatee of the estáte of Mrs.Rhoda Royce. From bequests of these two deceased members our denominational benevolent work receives (from Mrs. Cowles' estáte) $2,500 and (from Mrs. Eoyces' estáte) $200.- Ann Arbor Baptist.