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THE MI ARBOR SAVIIGS Bil, At Ann Arbor, Michigan., at the close of business May, 4, 1891. EESOÜKCES. Loans and Discounts, 1431 333 71 LdAUlLUlBb. Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages, etc, 244,316 24 Capital stock .' } 50,000 00 FSmmrdFiiïüres":::::::::::::: SI surpmsfund ïoo.uoeoo Current expenses and taxes paid,.... 2,288 15 Undivlded proflts,...' 33,339 97 CASH. Dividends unpaid 366 00 Due from banks in reserve citiea .... 101,140 90 nuwxsTTa Due f rom other banks and bankers 1785 83 Jjnruoiia. Checka and cash items, 229 80 Commercial deposita, 159,786 83 Goldcoinr.d.Pe.nnÍeS OOOOO Savinga deposita, 455,535 9 gan'iönaï BTak NÖtesV:::::: EZ SS Certmcate8ofdePosit ., 28,548 58 .$827,567 27 Í827.667 STATE OF MICHIGAN, „ County of Washtenaw. f88I, Charles K. Hiscook, cashier of the above named bank, do soiemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Charles E. Hiscock. Cashier. Correct- Attest: Christian Mack, L. Grtfner, W. D. Harriman, Directora. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 9th day of May, 1891. Mich ael J. Fritz, Notary Publi o Capital stock paid in, $ 50,000 I Total assets, - $761,291.31 Capital security, - 100,000 1 Surplus, - - 100,000.00 Transacts a general banking business; buys and sells exchanges on New York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities of Europe. This bank, already having a large business, invites merchants and others to open accounts with them with the assurance of the most liberal dealiog conistent with safe banking. In the Savings Department interest is paid semi-annually, on the first days af January and July, on all sums that were deposited three months previous to those days, thus affording the people of this city and county a perf ectly safe depository for their f unds, logether with a return in interest for the same. Money to loan on approved securities. Directors.- Christian Mack, W. D. Harriman, Daniel Hiscock, William Deubel, Willard B. Smith, David Rinsey, and L. Gruner. Officers.- Christian Mack, President; W. D. Harriman, Vice-President; Chas. E. Hiscock. Cashier.