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Whitmore Lake

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The preparations for the encampment are progressing, the cooküng and provisión liouses being completed. Now tent after tent rises upon the green, giving the place already the effect of a busy camp. Most probable there will be a large multütude of visitora around the encampment as well as the two hotels to witivess the drilling of the state militia wliich will take place two hours in ttie forenoon and two liours in the afterncvon. Persons coming with their own team, briuging their own lunch along, will do well leaving the sanie a)t a safe distance. Widemann's grove will give them a fair chance, the two steamers crossing regularly from one side to the other, in this way gecuring for themselves an enjoyment without encumberance. Persons coming with teams will enjoy a ftoat ride to the eafat grove and a rest in the shade of the trees, where they will find ai substontial lunch, tea, coffee, ice cream and all sorts of refreshments.