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To Trot For $10,000

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The subject which just now engages the attcntion of all votaries of the trotting turf is the coming contest for the Merchants' and Manufacturera' stake of $10,000, which takes place at Detroit during the week beginning July 20. Interest is at high tide among horsemen throughout the country, and the chances of the different probable starters are canvassed with earnestness wherever horse Vilk is heard. This great " fixed event " of the Blue Ribbon meeting has come to be regarded as the star event of the year in the horse world. Some one has aptly termed it the " Blue Ribbon of. the Trotting Turf," borrowing the popular title of the famous Engiish Derby. Por the third annual reneval of the Merchant-;' and Manufacturero', there were thirtecn subscribers when the stake closed last April, all of whom have made good the payments due to date. Xominators must name their horses on Monday next, and as the time draws near subscriptions are in great demand. Campbell reports ten applications, witlnn as many days, from owners of promising trotters, who are anxious to purchase ata premium the right to nomínate their horses for the event. It may be now taken as settled that a baker 's dozen of the fastest young trotters in the world will score up for the word this year. A very great race is sure to develop among so many good ones. The clever Kansas City trainer, Bob Stewart, again has his eye on the big prize, and if there is truth in the stories told of the speed that Ryland T. is showing in his work at Terre Haute, the Missourian may be able to repeat his victory of a year ago. Ryland's record is 2:30, but it is said that he has already trotted better than 2:20 this season, and is gaining speed at the rate of a second a week, The horse is doubtless a marvel in point of speed, and Stewart seems to be saving him for the event. A starter that looks to be " in it " from first to last is Honest George, named by A. J. Haws, of Pennsylvania. This horse made a record of 2:22 in the sixth heat of a race last week. He is fast and astayer. Another eastern entry that will be strongly fancied is Lakewood Prince, owned by Vandergrift & Odel, of New York. His record is only 2:25, but he seems to have a habit of winning his races no matter how fast the time may happen to be. Andy McDowell, who trains for the Montana copper king, Marcus Daly, will start one of the fast ones in his stable, probably Fantasie, 2:25. The bay gelding, Prince M., from La Porte, Ind., is another fast one that may start for the great stake. His record is 2:19}, made last week, and it is said he can trot in 2:15. Others that will probably be named are, Nutting King, 2:25è; a very {ast Kentucky Stallion; Mattie H., 2:244, likewise from the blue grass región; Clara G., 2:28, owned by J. I. Case, of Wisconsin; Bismont, 2:24, from the stable of Gov. Harris, of Chicago. and Michigan's representative, Sir Arthur, the property of G. H. Hammond. At present the remaining starters cannot be foretold with any certainty, but race-goers are already assured of seeing thirteen of the piek and choice of the whole country start for the splendid prize on the second day of the Blue Ribbon Meeting, Tuesday, July 21.


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