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3 11 I gil tí B 5 fl fl "! 9 1 .3 i 1 il g i I al l á i i "9[í { "5 ü 2 e, W 11 I i NTflIIDERSeLD! The Finest Line of Druggist's Boods ! In the City, at the PRICES Can be Seen at Goodyear's, DRUGSTORE, fo, 5 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS. D. CRAMEK. S. CItAMEH. CRAMER & CRAMER, ATTORNEYS AT UW. Office: Front room over First National Bank. ann akbok, mich. p b. nohkis. Attokney at Law. Does a general law collection and conveyaneng business. A moderate share of your patronage reepectfully solicited. Office in the Court House. f R. WILLIAMS, AttornsT at hu and Pension Claim Attornev, MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing and Collections. eüjIHCTJ b. roisrx). JUSTICE OF THE PEACE And Notary Public. Conveyancing done and EAL KSTATE bought and sild on eommision. Patronage solicited . No. 6 N.Main Sj DENTISTS. r OUIS P. HALL, DEMIST. Office South State 6treet. Over Sheehan's 3ook Store. Hour9a. m. to 12 and 2 p. m. toüp. m. yy W. NICH0LS D. D., DENTIST. In the old St. James Hotel Block. Teeth extracted without pair, by tbe use of vitalized air. n A. MAC LACHLAN, D. Di6eases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat._ Office in Hangsterf er block. Keeidence. 26 S. División Street. Hodrs.- 1 to 5 and 6:30 to 7:36 P. M. C W, VOGEL, Ann Street. CHOICEST CUTS OF STEAKS. All kincl6 of MEATS A.VD SAUS AGES. Fresh lard alwaye in stock. Poultry in seasoD. -Wdl. HEBZ, NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. HOUSE, SlGN, OHNAMENAL AND FfiESCO PaINTER, gilding, calcimining, glazmg and paper hanging. All work is done in the best style and warranted to (five satlsfaction. MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPRIETORSOF THE WESTERN BREWERY, ANN ARBOE, MICHBrewersof Pure Lager Beer. #1 t t M t% A HAK ! I unankr to l.rieflr IF, uhu con retd and rite, and who, ifl. I I I llufttr int:ruction,wlll work induKriouily, VUVVVtDKlo ram Iht" Thouond Uoll.r. . Yiirinlheirown loeft lities.wb rrvertheylive.I wilt Bliofurniih Ihe iituEtion oremployment,atwhich youcn rn thfttamount. No money for me unie aucceutot ■■ bovc. Easily nd quickly leftrned. I dlirc bat une workcr from ach district orcounty. 1 have ftlrctdy taupbt and providtd witb mploymtnl a larra nlunber. who are makfec; over #8000 a areach. IliA'EW and HU1.II. Full partícula" FRÍE. Addnat at once, E. C, ALLO. fiox 4,'iO, Auguatu, Malnc.