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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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[OFFICrAL.l Office of the Board of Pubiic Works. I Aao Arbor, Julj-ai, 1891. i Kegular meeting. Called to order by President Keech. Roll cali. Present- Messrs. Schuil, Keeeli and Mclntyre. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. Street Commissioner Sutherland reported the followlng sidewalks to be built in front of the following prop erty: Broadway, (west side), Fifth ward-' W. W. Saunders, Edward Kent, August Herz. División street, (east and west sido), rourth Ward-Wm. Finnegan, Mrs. Carrie DeForest, George Miller, Henry 'ornwell, William Deuble, Wm. Buik, Mrs. M. A. DeForest, A. A. Meuth. Fifth avenue (east side),- F. L. Pareer. Washtenaw ave. and Church street -Mrs. Mary Bliss East University avenue- Mrs. Hanon Sessions. Mr. Keech moved that the report of the Street Commissioner be accepted and be recommended to the Common council to order snid sldewalks built. Yeas- Keech, Schuh and Mclntyre. Street Commissioner and City Engineer made a report on grade for sidewalks on the east end of South Jniversity avenue. The report was accepted and referred back to the Street Commissioner and Engineer with instructions to conler ■with the property owuers and have "them build their sidewalks to the grade. The City Clerk was instructed tQ nform the T. A. A. & N .11. Ry. Co. that as soon as they would build their sidewalk on Ashley street, the balance of the sidewalks in said block would be ordered built. P. McKernan appeared before the ïoard and complained of the condition of the alley between Main street and Tourth avenue. Referred to Mcntyre and Street Commissioner. A sample street sign from Roberts Brothers, Racine, Wis-, was received and the Clerk was instructed to write, or prices. The man who was hit by a rifle ball said that it was announced by a bulletin. ■_ _____