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He Got His Kiss Anyway

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The Detroit Journal describes a I scène during the encampment, at the Central depot in Detroit, as follows: "One old man had the contract this morning of kissing a matron and five blooming girlswho carne in from Chelsea to the Michigan Central depot. The report at each osculation attracted the attention of scores of people who gathered about to witness the. performance. Whtn it was over the old man drew a sighof deep satisfaction. The matron then turned to him and said: 'I want to introduce a young lady friend of mine,' and she indicated a girl of perhaps 18 who stood shyly in the background, 'her father was in the war three years.' 'Dearme!' exclaimed the old man. 'Why,' - and seizing her hegave her a hearty smack fairly upon the red lips. The girl blushed but said sweetiy: 'I'm very glad to meet any gentleman who was in the war.' 'But, but, I wasn't in the war, my dear,' the old man said, slightly taken aback. 'You - weren't?' the girl exclaimed faintly,asif thinking of thatembrace. 'No' the old man declared, in an effort to be effusive, 'but I am always very glad to meet any lady who - whose father was in the war.' "


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