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The French army maneuvers are o surpass ...

The French army maneuvers are o surpass ... image
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The French army maneuvers are o surpass all previous years, both n the numbers engaged and the reemblance to real warfare. The ob eet will be to teach the men, not igliting alone, but how best to bear he fatigue of the march and carry on the duties of the camp. The army is now thoroughly equippec with the best modern weapons, anc s believed by the French to be equal in discipline, if not superior, to the Germán. The French officeis are determined to leave no doubt on the subject hereafter. Edward Molitor says in refereace to the dispatch from Clemens concerning his murdered brother, Albert, that 'the statements in it are wholly untrue. The statement tha he was a copperhead is utterly in consistent with the fact that he en listed at the first cali for troops with the Thirteenth New York battery later was with the engineers' corps and was from there transferred to Gen. Siegel's staff. In 1863 he wa appointed by Col. Graham as chie of the lake survey; then served i the same position under Gen. W. F Reynolds up to 1869, when he wen to Rogers City. There he was al ways a hard working republican and helped make Presque Isle th banner republican county of th state. A rival of the famous Schwein furth has appeared in the probat court in Cleveland, O., in the per son of Bloomfield J. Bernard. H is a young man, formerly employed as a typewriter in that city, and wa brought home a few days ago from a private asylum in New York. H claims that it has been revealed to him in a dream that he is Christ and nothing can shake his faith in hi delusion. He pretends to perform miracles and says that for the las few days he has been visiting the sick. He insists upon being callee by his divine title, although he wil permit the use of his earthly name At times he imagines that he is th prodigal son of the new testamen and delights in reciting the story o his wanderings and misfortunes He is married and the father o three children. He was committec to the asylum where it is though that his case will soon yield t treatment.