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England owes in part her commercial greatness to the f act that her low rates of interest, being less at times than two per cent., induced capitalists to invest in business and so put her money into general circulation through the hard handed sons of toil. - Bay City Post. Thought England was pauperized, free trade nation, against whose condition the republican party has been warning the voters of the United States, and to prevent reaching which a high tariff has been justified to protect American industries. To think of a republican editor holding up "blarsted" free trade England as a model of "commercial greatness,-" while it talks about the "army of idle workmen" in this country! Why idle? Why the great depression? Why a "dollar in money worth three in goods?" Have we not the "home market?" And a hundred per cent. tariff on manufactured goods? And a big surplus of grain? And no American ships to send it to Europe? And our ship yards silent? And our workmen (all imported within ten years) in idleness? Why idle, if protection protects? Why is not the hum of industry humming? And the happy workmen singing? And prosperous prosperity prospering? "What is it that ails Harry Gill?" That ever more his teeth they chatter, chatter still? Why does not capital seek investment in protected industries? Why does it seek security in unprotected, tariff robbed farms? Why does capital go into industries in free trade England? Why does it shun the protected industries of McKinleyized America? Has the Post been subsidized by British gold? Ah, neighbor, grind and growl. Kick and protest. Plead and implore. Endure the throes of business, commercial and financial depression. It's a broth of your own cooking. But the light can dawn on your darkened intellect in no other way. The windows of your knowledge box can be opened in no other manner. You now see as through your glass, darkly. Soon you shall see it as it is. And then shall it appear to you - THE TARIFF IS A TAX!- Adrián Press.


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