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The Adrian Press' Washtenaw News

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Philander Perkins, of the Adrián I Press, steals a moment from 1 ing over the scales of justice to i write the following Washtenaw county items: The population of the house of refuge for tramps at Ann Arbor, has petered down to three stone-breakers; not that tramps dislike work, but they object to working between meals. Germán day was a great success at Manchester last week. Manchester herself thinks it beats the Ann Arbor affair into a palé and sickly hue. Dr. Thomas Shaw of Ypsilanti, has invented a thing called an "invalid-lifter," warranted to jerk a consumptive from a horizontal to a perpendicular in a most perfect manner. This invalid-lifter will not interfere with the business of the doctors. Very few of them lift their invalids anyway. The majority of the Ann Arbor council does not want the rich garbage of the town floated away by a proposed system of sewerage. At a recent session of the aldermen, a three-column report in favor of such a system was laid on the table with such a rush that the author sought security in a four-inch tile. A Detroit conductor while visiting in Ypsilanti a few weeks ago, was attacked with paralysis of the brain, and rendered blind, deaf, speechless and helpless (probably had tried to pronounce "Ypsilanti" without stuttering). To get medicine down him, it was necessary to pry open his jaws, pour in the mixture, and work his throat with the fingers to pass it to his stomach. All the doctors, excepting one, said the conductor would never "knock down" another f are. Thatone doctor stuck to him like a burr to a Cotswold's tail, and the conductor is now able to again shout "all aboard!"