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He Wants To Be Saved From His Friends

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"Why do I keep my proposed trip to Europe so secret?" repeated a man whose cirde of friends is larger than common to a person who had asked him the question. "Well, to teil the truth, becanae I want to escape being made a pnrchasing agent for a dozen or two of people whom I know. Whenever they leaxn that I am abont to go abroad they overwhehn me with commissions of all kinds. One man wants a photograph of a certain tower of the castle at Heidelberg; another wants a peculiar kind of a match-safe, which may be bought at a certain shop in Paris; still a third is anxious to have a few London neckties, and others want umbrellas, sticks, opera glasses, cigar holders, jewels or something else. "It's a nnisance in the first place to bny these things, especially as yon are likely to be in a hurry at times. Then when yon arrive back in New York yon are likely to have trouble with the cnstoms officials, becanse your friends always expect you to get their articles in dnty free. Besides, no one ever paya you in advance, and you have to go around dunning the people. To cap the climax, you often bny things that donot Buit the persons who have asked the favor of you, and their disappointed looks or words make you f eel unpleasant, to say the least. Consequently, having been throngh these esperiences several times. I now keeD mv intended


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