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The Annual School Meeting

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The school election was held Monday, two tickets being in the field. Both ntickets had on the names of Evart H. Scott and John V. Sheehan. Three hundred and thirty-seven yotes were cast, the old board being reelected as follows: Evart H. Scott 335 John V. Sheehan 323 Philip Bach 203 Ottmar Eberbach... 137 John Bonn 1 The taxpayers1 meeting after the election was very slimly attended and business was done with dispatch. Messrs Mack, Smith, Whedon, Gruner, Beal and Scott of the school board were present, and also the following citizens: Dr. George, A. W. Ilamilton, Moses Seabolt, J. R. Aliner, Rev. Mr. "Wetniore, "W. W. Eagen,George Brown , W. J. Miller, John Carroll, Thad. Thompson, Jos. Clinton, E. K. Frueanff and the editor of the Argus. After the reading of the report of the board, the main points of which were given last week, A.W. Hamilton, Esq., moved that the sum of $28,000 be raised by tax for salaries of teachers and other current expenses. This was put to a viva voce vote. Three answered aye and there were no noes, and the $28,000 taxwas authorized. On motion of Dr. Smith a tax of $150 was authorized for the school library. Dr. George took the Hoor, saying he had a grievance to present, and in presenting ;it he thought he voiced the sentiments of the district. When school books were changed he was of the opiniĆ³n that some method should be adopted to get rid of the old books. For instance he had been obliged to purchase a book for one of his children in 1888 which cost $2. In 1890 he had to buy another one of the same books by the same author, puRlished by the same house, for $2, although his child still had the first book. President Mack and Dr. Smith explained that it was a rule of the board that when the books were changed, the publishers were required to furnish new editions to the pupils who had the old editions without cost to the pupils. On motion of Mr. Hamilton, the meeting adjourned.