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A Warm Meeting

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The council meeting Monday night was more than usually warm. The full proceeding3 are found in four pages in this issue. The ├╝rst excitenient was created by a motion to take the sewerage report f rom the table. A discussion ensued between Aids. Martin and Ilerz on the second wards support of sewerage, Aid. Herz claiming thathisconstituents didn't want it. After others had spoken Aid. Herz spoke of the bringing the matter up when three members were away, as a nice little trick. Aid. Kitsou asked Aid. Herz to name the three absent members. Two only were actually absent but the alderman very cleverly got out of it by naming the two and exclaiming "And I counted you in, Aid. Kitson, because you promised to vote with us and didn't do it." Aid. Wines, Martin and others repudiated the suggestion of any triekery in bringing the matter up. It was finally decided to print the report of the sewer committee. The next subject for excitement was the disposition of the mayor's vetoes. A determined effort was made to pass the appropriation for the map over the mayor's veto. The talking was nearly all on the side of the map. Aid. Wines spoke three times aggregating twenty minutes. Aid. Martin thought the lowest bid hadn't been accepted. Aid. O'Hearn thought they had got along so far without a map and could get along till there was more money in the treasury. Aid. Wines, Hall and Pres. Cooley argued the necessity and utility of the map and came within one vote of passing it over the veto. The other vetoes were nearly unaniniously