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One Boarding House Closed

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A sad case of aberration of the mine has just oceurred in this city, whiel has become so much the subject of dis cussion that mention of it in the pub lic press can hardly be avoided with ous a failure to chronicle the news o: the week. Mrs. Spencer D. Lennon has for a year past, been troubled wit! insomnia, so much so that her nervou system has become somewhat shat tered. She is a large, tall woman, o excellent family, ambitious and ha always been well thought of by thos who knew her. Mr. Lennon owns a fine fruit farm on Broadway, wher they reside and is the public spiritec citizen who presented beautif ui Ceda Bend avenue to the city. During th past summer Mrs. Lennon determinec to open a boarding house for two hun dred students. Mr. Noble's residenc on South State street was rented anc part of an adjoining house, which wa also intended for boarders. A larg amount of furniture was purchased Also quantitiesof silverware, crockery glassware, etc. Some of the silver ware was solid and was ordere marked. As a sample of the orders, i may be stated that she ordered thre hundred loaves of bread at the baker to be delivered on the first day o October. Not securing help here suc as she wanted, she went to Chicag ast week to secure ten flrst class waitng girls. In Chicago, she went to the ïouse of some fr'iend and f rom there rote to her pastor in this city, who went at once to Mr. Lennon with the etter. Mr. Lennon started immediately for Chicago. He sent word back to have 11 their oíd household goods removed ack to their old home on Broadway nd all the new furniture. etc, reurned to the places where purchased, hat she might find everything as it ïad been, when they returned. They eturned home Monday night and it is ïoped by Mrs. Lennon's many f riends hat by remaining quiet her nervous ystem may be repaired and she may egain her former liealth. Yesterday mornmg, as she was growng more violent, it was found necessary to take her to Pontiac for treatuent.