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The Useful Motor Line

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The Manchester Enterprise thinks a great many more would have attended the Ann Arbor fair if they had better iacilities for reaching it. They didn't tumble to the new arrangement. They need only to have got on the "huckleberry" road, and run down to the motor line crossing, and they would have been set down at the fair ground in no time. They should remember this another year. They need not come to lanti to go to Ann Arbor any more. They can come to tbe junction of the motor line, and get there any hour from 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. The buggies and other conveyances around the stables here proved that a great many people drove in from a distance, put up their teams here, and took the motor to the Ann Arbor fair. They could not have driven all the way to Ann Arbor and home again the same day, and had time left to see the sights, but by driving here in the morning and taking the "rapid transit1' motor they got there early, had a good long visit, and carne down after the balloon ascensiĆ³n with plenty of time to get home in good season. The motor line develops new conveniences every day.-