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The Fight For Pure Food

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aggressive war waged by the Etoyal üuking Powder Company uiiou the liosts of adulterated and irupurc baking powdere sold throughout the country is having a desirable effect, laudalous uttacks upon the Royal cornpany by the manufacturcrs oï the impure goods (which are made doubtless froiu a spirit of revenge and in hope of breaking the effect of the dainaging exposures) show that they are hit, while the official reports which have come from various public authorities fully corroborating the statements made by the Eoyal company have awakened a wholesoine public sentiment in favor of repressive laws, which means mischief to the Ilegitímate trafile. The Eoyal Baking Powder Company set out some time ago to exposé the character and to break up the sale of adulterated baking powders. Haviug found from an examination of many specimens that there was a large number of actually injurious powders in the market, they brought the matter before the public and denouned the makers by name in the press and to the health authorities. The affair was taken up by physicians, Boards of Health, and Legislatutres through out the country, chemists were employed to test the various powders in the market, and the government itself directed analysis to be made beforc it would purchase the supplies needed for army, navy, and Indian uses. The result justiiied the charges made by the Eoyal company. Not only wère the majority of baking powders in the market found to be largely adulterated, but many of thein were ascertained to contain alum and other poisonous ingredients to such an extent as to render them positively unsafe for use in human food. In making the charges the Eoyal Baking Powder company did not hesitate to enter into competition with every other baking powder in the .country, and it is a public satisfaction that in the official tests by the government and state chemists and by Boards of Health, the Royal Baking Powder has been declared to be the superior oí all others in strength, purity and wholesomeness, and absolutely freo from all inferior or detrimental substances. From recent official reports it is evident that the alum and otherwise impure goods have again come upon the market in dangerous quantities and their old enemy, the Eoyal is again upon the warpath. In continuing its warfare against these goods the Eoyal is meeting with the oldtime opposition and abuse. The public, however, will appreciate, as heretofore, both the object of the abuse and the action of the Eoyal company, and award full justice to the company that so fearlessly stands up to its prbtection from such adventurers.