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Why Ingrain Carpets Are Higher

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Ingrain carpets are the carpeta that most farmers buy. They tnay be interested in the question of how the McKinley bilí effects the prlce. ïhe American Wool and Cotton Reporter of recent date says: "The increase in the duty jn earpet wools renders it necaasary for earpet manufacturers to change the present pricea the advanee in the price of carpets over a year ago being proportionately not as great as the increase in the duty on the raw material. One effect of the increased duty is seen in the use of more shoddy and hair in the making of ingrain carpets. The increased duty has unquestionably curtailed consumption, and has hurt the manufacture of carpets. If carpet wools were free we should have a better grade of ingrains at a cheaper price. Thie would lead to an improved demand from those who have to consider the cost even when purchasing an ingrain carpet, and the whole industry would be materially benefitted. Arthur T. Lyman, of the Lowell carpet company writes the Boston Herald: That the McKinley bill increased the cost of carpets; that the price of carpets were advanced in consequence of the McKinley bill; that they would not have advanced if the McKinley bill had not been passed; and that if wool had been made free the cost and prices of earpets would have gone down are facts that cannot be disputed ty any one who understands the carpet manufacture and trade and its condition in 1S90 and 1891. Í It will be notieed that the Wool and Cotton Reporter recognizes the fact that ingrain carpets can be purchased .at the same price p er yard as last year, if the purchaser does not care lor quality, and points out the reason, anore ehoddy and less wool is used.