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Mrg. Arthui' Brown is visiting in Detroit. E. H. Scott was in Toledo on business, Tuesday. Bert Taylor lias been visiting his mothor, Mrs. T. F. Hill. Rev. T. W, McLeán, of Bay City, was in thé city Monday, Mrs. O. .T. Parker, of Iluwell, has been in the city tliis weck. J. T. Jacobs left for a trip to Velasco, Texas, Tuesday evening. Fred Bliss, of New York, spent Sunday with liis raother on Wllliam-st. Mis. J. R. Bacil spent Sunday at Plyraouth, tliE guest of Mrs. Dr. Lum. Mrs. John Ncary, of Howell, is the guest of her Nephew, Jas. N. Rlley. Jlin MeLane,o of Detroit, spent Tuesday with W. E. Walker iu tliis city Mrs. Gfeorge, of Waterlöo, Ont., has been visiting her son, Dr. Conrad George. Myron H. French, of West lïranch, epent the last part of last wiek in the city. Miss Alicc Lo.yejoy, of Detroit, Spent Sundáy wiih her sister, JIrs. A. C. KeÜogg. Dr. Prettyman, of Chicago, lias been vteiting hifi brother, II. G. Prettymau, thi.s w'ek. Geo. Snow returned iíonday morning, trom a visit to his parents at Wlnona, Minn. Fred Cutler, manager of the Middle ! Bass Island club house, has been in j the city tliis week. Mrs. C. V. Turner and cnildren, of Trinidad, Coló., are visiting the family of Secretary Wade. J. H. Cutting left Monday for a two weeks' business trip in the northern part of the state. Miss Bertha Farrand, of Joliet, 111., who has been visiting Mrs. Hall, of Twelfth street, has returned home. J. Austin Scott attended the funeral of his brother, Dr. D. B. Scott, which was held in Toledo, Sunday afternoon. i Sheriff Dwyer and Deputy Peterson were at Toledo, Tuesday, in search of a horsc-thief. They were unsuccessful. George E. Bliss and wife, who have been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bliss, returned to Jackson, Tursday. Six cousins of Mrs. A. C. Nichols, who ai-e attending the State Normal school at Ypsilanti, spent Sunday as her guests. Miss Béna Seyler, who has been visiting her sister in Detroit for a couple of weeks, returned homeTuesday evening. Eev. F. Volz, of East Saginaw, has been visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. Sophia Spring, on W. Washington street, this week. J. V. Sheehan went to Xiles, Tuesday, to attend the wedding of his niece, Miss Gertrude M. Sheehan, which occurred "Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fredcrick Sehultz, of New Hamburg, Out., who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Spring, veturucd home, Monday morning. Edward Duffy returned last Friday irom an official trip with the prison board to the Marquette prison. When ho lef t Marquette it was snowing hard. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Proctor, of Perrinsvillo, visitcd Mr. John J. Ferguson, of 1G Summit etreet, f rom Saturday tillTuesday. Mrs. Proctor is a sister of Mr. Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. John Ferdon returned Monday, from Minneapolis, Minn., where they went to spend the winter with their daughter. They were called back by the death pf Kev. Benj. Day. Ex-congressman E. P. Allen was in the city Wednesday. He has been stumping in Ohio for McKinley and returned there Wednesday evening, as hc said,' "to make the majority a little larger," but he neglected to state whether for Campbell or McKinley.