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Truly Resigned.

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There was once a certain old lady, whose son, late in life, niarried against lier wishes. The vvife was everytbing that could ba desired, and yet the old lady had not intended her middle aged "boy" to marry at all, and loud were her complaints thereat. Finally the minister called to essay consolation and remind her that it was hardly best to rnake the neighbors the confidants of her woes. "I am sure Huldah will prove a dutiful daughter to you," said he. "She'll do as well as she can," grumbled the old lady, "but her best '11 be bad enough." "Well, you know the deed is done now, and nothing yon can say will prevent it." "I know it. If he had ouly heard to me ín the first place it never would have happened." "But, my dear madam, this is not making the best of things." "There ain't any best to some things," snapped she. "If you could only be resigned" "Resigned? I'm always resigned when things go as I want them to." Evidently there was no more to be said.


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