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The Senior laws met, 227 strong, in the law lecture room at 9 o'clock Saturday morning for the election of officers. They succeeded in electing only their president, and adjourned at 11:45 until 9 o'clock next Saturday. Alexander Charles MacKenzie, of Cleveland, Ohio, was elected president 011 the 5th ballot. The nominations were made as follows: Adams, of Iowa, by Young, of Ohio, and seconded by Budge, of Utah; Duffy, of Michigan, by Burnett, of New York, and seconded by Moore, of Illinois; MacKenzie, of Ohio, by Combs, of Ohio, and seconded by Welsheimer, of Indiana and Hall of West Virginia; Sheldon, of Michigan, by Carbaugh of Michigan, and seconded by Wentworth of New Hampshire and Martin of Idaho. There were five ballots as follows: (1) (2) (8) (4) (5, Adama 43.... 51.... 66.... 40 83 Duffy ......,. 46.... 47..-. 48 MacKenzie 58.... f.'.).... ra.... 92.. ..134 Sheldon 79.... 72.- UI.... 39.... 3 There were a few misguided members of the class who wished to continue the election Saturday afternoon during the foot-ball game, and had it not been for the prompt appeal of Duffy, the class would probably have taken a recess for dinner and continued the election in the afternoon. The attempted action of these few members of the class was ill-considered, to say the least. The athletic interests of the University should be held paramount to any class election. FRESHMAN DENTAL ELECTION was held in the homeopathie amphitheatre Saturday morning, and the following offiers were elected: President, C. Terry; vice-president, R. B. McKenzie; treasurer, M. Green; secretary, Miss Miller. SOPHOMORE MEDIC ELECTION. The sophomore medies met this morning in the upper lecture room of the medical building, at io o'clock, and elected class officers: President, S. C. Glidden; vice-president, Miss Sturgess; secretary; W. Wright; treasurer, Mr. Hooker, sergeants, Adams and Deary. SENIOR MEDIC ELECTION. Saturday morning the officers of the senior medies were elected in part. The offices of prophetess, poetess and historian were not filled, but a committee was appointed to canvass the class and report where the best ability for the offices lay, and whether class day shall be observed next spring or not. The following officers were elected: President, L. Southmayd; vice-president, Miss Anna Flynn; secretary, G. W. Moran; treasurer, G. S. Davenport; orator, J. D.