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4fV Copyright tB9o. A prompt return of your money, if you get neither benefit nor cure. Risky terms for the doctor, but safe and sure for the patiënt Everything to gain, nothíng to lose. There's just one medicine of its class that's sold on these conditions - just one that could be Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It's a peculiar way to sell it - but it's a peculiar medicine It's the guaranteed remedy for all Blood, Skin and Scalp Diseases from a common blotch or eruptioa to the worst Scrofula. It cleanses purifies and enrichea the blood, and cures Salt-rheum, Tetter, Eczema Erysipelas, and all manner of blood' taints, from whatever cause. It costs you nothing if it doesn't hel you. The only question is, whether you want to be helped. "Golden Medical Discovery" is the cheapest blood - purifier sold through druggists, because yoú only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more? The "Discovery" acts equally well all the year round. Made by the World's Dispensary Medical Association. at 663 Main Strppt Búfalo, N. Y. EEPOET OP THE CONDITIOÏT OF THE farmers' ï mm m -AT - Ai?i ARBO, MICHIGAN, at the close of business, Jult 9th, 1891. KESOUKCER. Loans and discounts $246,458 0? Stocks, bonds, inortgages, etc 75,081 0T Overarafts 3,? 65 0J Due froin banka n reserve cities 32,811 l Due froin WashtenawCo 22,338 4,rt Bülsin trtmpit 4,647 67 Furniture andflxlures 3,000 00 Current expenses and taxes paid 20 00 Interest pid 3S0 6S Cbecks and cash items 2,699 51 Nickels and pennies 3944 Gold 7,590 00 Silver 1,96610 U. S. and Nati mal Bank notes 12,889 00 Total $413,438 IS LIADILITIES. Capital stock paid in $ 50,000 00 Surplus fund IO.Ouq Uudivided proüts 7,723 80 Dividend unpaid 1,500 00 Commercial deposits _$"(,K),9-i9 35 Savicgs deposits 63,113 0J 413.4S6 18 Total $368,917 87 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I CounLy of Washteuaw, bsI, Frtderick H. Belser, Cashier of the above namtd bank, do solemnly swtjar thut the above statement is true vo me best of my knowledïïC" and belief. F. H. BELSER, Oashier, Subscribed and swom to hefore me tuis seventeentli day of July, 18iil. Willhm G. Dott. Notary Public. Correct- Attest : Keuben Kempp, "1 Chas. E. Gbeene, J-Directors.. Junius E. Beal, ) W. F. LODHOLZ IS OFFEEING ., IN hm asd Provisk FIKHUSS GOOJS i SPECIALTÏ. New Teas at 25, 30, 40. and 50c per pound. Keltles, porcelain lined, free with 1 pound Baking Powder at 50 cents. China ware free with 1 pound coffee at 25 cents per lb. The best goods at the lowest prices. Always full weight and measure. All goods fresh and warranted. Delivered to any part of the city. You will save money by trading with W. P. LODHOLZ, 4 and 6 Broadway. yy slsaLss ., 15 Wiloox At., Detroit, Mictr. Edúcate joumg men and wonnen to malntaln theBitclrei m Independence, Mve money and accuraulate wealth. Busiat . Shorthand, Pcnmtuship, EnUih, Laneuaec, Elocution and W echante! Driwinir Departracnts. Illustttteii Catilog-ue frec W. F. JEWEL.L, Ftm'U P. R. SPENCER, Sec'y. GOLD MEPAL, PABIS, 1878. Ï. Baker Sl Co.'s Breakfast Gocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutély Pure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It ha more than three times the strengih of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and ia therefore far more económica!, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, easily digested, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Croeers everywhere. W. BAKER & GO., Dorchester, Mass.