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One Hundred And Fifty (150) Overcoats And Ulsters

One Hundred And Fifty (150) Overcoats And Ulsters image
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OUR POSSIBILITIBS AEB GRBAT.--YOUR g fö J= PORTON ITTES ARE CORRBSPONDING. I ' jp -r-L ---mlfli' Nothing need prevent one-half of Washtenaw County being clothed at the Ái1 A S m II STAR CLOTIÍÍrtG NoUSE TTfM ,_ „ . t Ann Arbor. We have the goods. We have peculiar facilities for making prices. Having purposely "Q y _ visited the Eastern Market after the rush was over, we purchased goods upon our own terms. TrüM. LflKCd To 5"M?LL Wepteaae them all. We had wonderfnl snccess. Wholesalers were overloaded. We relieved them, saving to cusVTE" FlT THEN[lLL tomers 2.00 to 5.00 on every garment. ON SATURDA Y. OCTOBËO We propose to open the Greatest Overcoat Sale ever known in the County or State. AS A FLYER AT 9 a. m. TWENTT OVERCOATS FOR MEN AND BOYS AT ONE DOLLAR EACH. No More- Not a Moment Earlier. From the Wagner purchase - all desirable styles - we shall sell at one-quarter off from regular price. Everybody remembers our June cyclone. LOOK OUT for the OCTOBERI NOVEMBER WHIRLWINDS They are coming your way. We are offering splendid induceinents in suits at 10.00, 12.00, and 15.00. Goods way out of sight of the ordinary suits sold elsewhere. But we are determined to give everyone the rarest bargains going. So, As a Second Flyer We Have Selected One Hundred Suits (100). GOOD VALUE AT MAIKED PRICES, BUT IIsT THZE"2" G-O FOR $8.eV. 18.67- that figure inay cover cost of cloth and trimming- making and profit not being counted. These are in part from the Wagner purchase, winter weights, goods laid aside af ter our June rush and just opened to créate A CLOTHING SENSATION, but OUR CHIEF PRXDE IS THB TAILOR made suits and oveecoats In all the popular shades and shapes. These surpass the best merchant tailoring in style and workmanship. IN THE CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT we will only mention one leader in each line- Children's Suits, $1.79; Boys' Suits, 2.50- both worth two or three times as much. A CASE OF UNDERWEAR, worth 50 cents per garment, closed out at less than one-third of the original cost, reduced during this sale to 29 ets. Nothing in the city can touch it in value. ANOTHER DRIVE is our $1.00 White Shirt, plain and pique bosom- selling rapidly- novv on third lot- only 69 cents. EVERY DEPARTMENT Crowded to Suffoeation and Aehing to be -"1ll1'1"11 Unloaded. k llV?íííÜ'iWííí%Take advantage of fine weather and good roads. Come at once to the M v",, STAR CLOTHING HOUSE, .ïïü. m f ír ÏÏE-rKrS. And Satner tne riPc fruit of choice goods and rare bargains. Wiïfr ■r - - , ' This Case will be given wien your 4. L NOBLE, ■ Leadiag dothier and fiatter. """"="