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! THE GREAT j 1 Germán Remedy 3 TRUTHS FOR THE SICK. ; For those deathly $1,000 will be paid J Bilious Spells depend for a case wbere ' Jon Sulphub phuk Bitters will 1 TEits, it will cure yon, not assist or cure. It g Do you suffer with never fails_ ■ thattiredandallgone Cleanse the vitiated ■ feeling? It so, use blood when you see ' 1 Sulphub Bittebs; its impurities A 't will cure yon. ng throogh the slcin 4 Operatives who are in Pimples, Blotehes, Jcloselvcouñriedinthe anil Sores. Rely on mills'and worlishops; Sulpdcr Bitterí, Jclerks who rio )iot anl liealtli will folm procure suflicient ex'ow- Jercise, and all who 'Sülphdr Bitters are conlinefl indoors, wiu cure LiTer Com. shonld use Sulphüp. plaint. !)„„.,. be dis. ' Bittkbs ■ Tl.ey will conraged ; it will cure not then be weak and Tou sicklv. !■ ■ 4 If you do not wish ?,yi;P??üB Bitters , to suffer iromRIienniwill bmld yon up aiid atism, use a bottle of make you strong and Sulphor Bitters; health.Yr t it never fails to cure. Sulpihk Kitters Í Don't be without a will make your blood ■dbottle. Try it; you pure, rich and strong, jwill ' and your flesh hard. 41 Ladiesindelicate Try SuLPBDB BrrJhealth, who are all ters to-night, and ■ t run down, should use you will sleep well ULPHURBrTTERS and f eel better for it. Do yon want the best Medical Work published Send three 2-ct. stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co.i Boston, Mass., and receive a copy free. BEAL &, POND Insurance Agent No. i South Main St„ Ann irtor, The oldest agenev m the city. JEs tablished a quarter of a century ago Itepresenting the following first-clasa companies. Home Ins. Co. of N. Y., - $7,000,000 ContiDeutal Ins. Co. of N. Y. 4,207,20f Niágara Ins. Co. of N. Y. - 1,735,563 Girard Ins. Co. of Phila. - - 1,132,486 Oriënt Ins. Co. oï Hartford - 1,419,522 Commercial Union of LondOH 12,000,000 Liverpool, London and (ïlobe33 'o.O00 fg"I{ates low. Losses liberally adjustea and promptly paid. BEAL & POND. jy o. butts, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Real Estáte and Collection Agent. Office: In Masonio Block. jCAKTEtöl ÏIVER W$g siLLS. HSa Blik KeaSache and relieve all the trcaUas iiicf tent to a bilioua state of the system, suoh oa IMzziness, Nausea, Drowaiuess, Bistreea aftec eating, Pain in the Side, to. Whilo theirmcat roroückable succeas ñas boen shown ia cui.og sscic Ueaaache. yet Carter's Little Llver Pilla ar9 S'iually valuablein Constipation, curingnndpraxrertiug tliisannoyinecomplaint,whilo theyalsoi rorrectalldisordcrsoithestomachtimulatetho V ms and rogulnto the bowels. Evou ii they onls s C ;.'lhoy wooldlrealmostprioeleastoihosevrha [ : '. :: f rom this distressing comploint; buif ortu' -t,-irgocdneas does notend here.and thosa '■ :.-. i.i iicotrytherawillfind theso little pills vala. 5. .),■ ín nomeny waysthat they will not bo wil. llii : tola v, íthont them. But af ter allslck iiead llüihc twn-, rt -o many livea that here ie wbera ■ - i. reatboait Üurpülscaroitwjie , l rter'B L: :ie Livor Tïlls are very omall :nd 1 varj' ccïy ;.i t--o. One or tivo pillG makea doscj. '. I v :. j itrii ■ ' libleinddo not gripo or jai-.-. ; y Uiö'rci itleacöou pleauoall who othtro. Lr'.iíiÍ2oi!Dt; flrfor$l. EId il. ;'"síríc,.;;,rti'áere, or iwixs i-y maC ï liíl.$iátL82SE.SIIJlLLPCE