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[OFFICIAL.] COUNCIL CHAMBER, I Aun Arbor, Occ. 29, 1891. f Special meeting. Council met and was called to order by the President. Roll cali. A quorum present. 4bsent- Aid. Wines, Herz, Martin, Taylor, Renberg- 5. The cali íor the special meeting was read and the following business transacted. OOMJOTNICATIONS FKOM THE MAYOR. City of Ann Arbor, I Mayor's Office, üctober 23, 1891. ) To the Honorable, the Common Council: Gentlemen: Pursuant to the resolution of your honorable body pássed in Common Council, üctober 19th, 1891, authorizing the appointment by the Mayor oí au additional jiatrolman to tlic regular pólice forcé oí said City uní the detail oí said patrolman as truant officer: And further, In pursuance of and inconïormity with your action at your special session of October 22nd, 1891, adopting the report of your Pólice Committee to whom my communication to you detaüing the City Marshal as such truant officerwas referred, I hereby appoint, subject to your confirmation, Thaddeus Thompson to the regular pólice forcé of said city and detail said Thompson as Truant Officer, as provided by law. It being expressly understood, nevertheless, that the services of tlte said Thompson under and by virtue of this appointment and this detail, are tó be without expense to the City of Ann Arbor. WILLIAM G. DOTY, Mayr. Aid. Ivitson moevd that the comïnunication of the Mayor bc received and placed on file and the appointment oí Thaddeus Thompson as Truant Officer be confirrned, which motion prevalled as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Hall, Kitson and President Cooley.- S. Nays - None. President Cooley announcod that the only other business was to meet with the Soldiers' Relief Commission ás a joint board to dispose of their ■report. At a session of the joint board with President Cooley in the chair Commissioners Manly and Bogardus presented their report and recommendations, including a list of soldiers and soldiers' widows entitled tó aid under the provisions of the Soldiers' Relief net. Whereupon Aid. Hall offered the following resolution: BesolTed, That the report and reconimendations of the Soldiers' Relief Commission be adopted and ordered placed on file, and that the list of persons therein contained be certified to the City Clerk, pursuant to law. After discussion of the same by Commissioners 3ogardus and Manly, it was adopted by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, Pillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehberg, Hall, Kitson, Pres. Cooley and Commissioners Bogardus and Manly- 12. Nays- None. Whereupon the board sitting with Relief Commissioners adjourned. After which the Council being called to order, Aid. Hall moved that when the Council. adjourn it adjourn to meet at th enext regular stated meeting at 7 o'clock, p. m., standard time, which motion prevailed. On motion the Council adjourned. City Clerk.