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Work For A Vigilance Committee

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On Tuesday .tvpning of last week an elderly wldow lady living on Packard street was the victim of a dastardly assault. She was passing the Hill property on Packard treet, on her way home, between eight and nine o'clock, wtoa a. man grabbed her and drngging her into the orchard, threw her down and choked her and then oommitted a criminal assault on lier. Ha ving accomplished' hls pnrpose, the fien dran a way as fast as h ecould. lady was rowghly handled but was not svriously injured. The affair was reportcd' to tho officers on the foüowing day, but up to the present time they have been ixnabte to get any tangible clue to the 111,111. The iady tliinks tliat she wpuld bc able to identify her assailant. She describes him osib young man, between 23 and 24 year so!d, well dressed, wearing a styííeh long overcoat and derby luit. siion'.d he be apprehended, 110 pmilsliineiii ou'.d be too severe tor him.