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The Shermau-Foraker contest for the Ohio...

The Shermau-Foraker contest for the Ohio... image
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The Shermau-Foraker contest for the Ohio eenatorship seems to be a rather warm one with Sherman in the lead. The Detroit Journal, to prove that it is a full fledged republican paper, has installed Lew M. Miller, recently republican secretary of the state senate, as ditor in chicf. One of the Republican candidatos for state senator in New York, an office which pays $1,500, has just filed a statement of nis election expenses, which he swears were $5,499. The New York Times says "New York wlll bc in the Democratie column, next year, and it wlll supply the candidato. It must be a vory blind politieian, that can't sec that." - I The New York election developed some exceedingly close contests for the legislature. The assembly is a tie with several districts in the courts, which, iL they act upon these contests, wil] give the demociats a majority of two or four. The senate is still in doubt, the votes in three districts not yet having been canvassed. It now seems probable that the people of this city will have an opportunity to express their views on sewerage at the ballot box. The electors meeting tovote upon the question will probably be called in February. That is the earliest date at which a meeting to vote taxes to be raised in 1892 can be called. It alsogives ampie time for thought and discussion, and tbere can be no excuse forhasty judgment on the matter.