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The Ann Arbor - Ypsilanti Railway

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The motor line has eeased opera i lona for the present, and it is a question whether the road will be abandoned, or not. The injunctlon Igsued by the circuit court in conformlty wlth the supreme court decree was served u the officera of the company on Frtday. A meeting of the board of directora was al uu,-,, ealled, and after considerable dlseussion, it was finally decided not u cjontest the maller In the courts atiy turther at present, i.nt to obe.v iis inanilatcs and eease operating the road tmtil sucll time as the matter may be settled or other arrangement made for entering city. The road has been in operation just about a year, and during thut time has proven its great benefit both to this city and to Ypsilanti. Our merchante have received v greatly increased trade from Ypsilanti and the intervening country through which the road passes. With the road out of service mucli of this trade will be diverted to other channels and Anu Arbor will peceivo hut a small proportion of it. Another beneficia] resul 1 of the rond bas been t ho increase in social relations between thé Twin Citïes and the opportunities which uave been given to the eitizena of öth places to ciijoy the society and entertainments of the other. 'l'his has l n often demonstrated duriag the past year liy the largo niimbers of Ypsilantians u lm have attendeö the various lectures and entertainmeitts n Ann Arbor. ."VVith the connecipg line abandonad this sociability nrnst be interrupted. It ík iiai-dly probable that the rompany will abandon the road, but tliey have a plan for clianging the line and branching off before it strikes the Mcliols property, running across private properly to Si ale strect, vvhere a eonnection will be made with the eleetrie road, which will be extended south on State slrcet to die city is. Tliat thi.s is the plan proposed is sliown b.v the ordinance introcluc.ed in the cüHiK'il.jpionday eveiiinK, ïiving tho Aun Afcor Streel Railway Co. a franchise lo build a line on Si air street. ü-nra Packard streel to the ''■■ ■.-...-.' L,. .:■.-. .-,.,.,, ,,: , v_tt:i ,,i .- the periuission of the eouncii is asked to abandon that portion of the Packard street line which is east of State strect. This üew route will probably prove more profitalile to the eleetric road than the old one, as it will run to the new athletic grounds oí the Universit.v and will gain patronage there. There is Hable to be another lengthy legal controversy before this line is laid, as it is understoód that there are property owners on the line who object to the track being laid In front of their property and who will take üficourse to the cotirts before allotrtng it to be done.


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