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H. S. Holmes & Co. are taking stock. The school is thinned out with sickness. The days and nights are now about equal in length. "V. K. Guerin and wife were in Ypsilanti, Monday, on business. Rev. Conrad, of Dexter, attended the revival meeting here Tucsday night. Drummers are very tliick now taking orders for spring and summer trade. The revival meetings continue all this week and will be at the Baptist church. The weather the past week has not been favorable for wheat on the ground. Business in town is unusually dull because of rough roads and low prices of produce. Rev. D. H. Conrad has been ill the past week and not able to take part in the special meetings. J. A. Palmer has been up town several times this week, and will soon be able to go to work again. Much sickness peculiar to the the season still prevails. Pneumonia and scarlet fever are taking sorae off. The stove factory will start up soon on stoves for spring trade and a new cooking stove they expect to make to take the place of gasoline stoves. Most people do not understand the importance of keeping the feet dry and warm in the winter season. Those who do that seldom have a cold, la grippe or any other prevailing disease. W. E. Depew and wife, of Alpena, spent last Sunday and Monday among relatives here. Mr. Depew went to Lansing, Tuesday, to arg├╝e some caces before the Supreme Court. Arrivals of produce continue light and prices but little better. Wheat stands at 88c for red or white; barley, $1.20; oats, 32c; corn, 25c in the ear; beans, $1.20; rye, 75c; dressed pork, $5; clover seed, $5;. eggs, 20c; butter, 18c. The scarlet fever is spreading. It got into the family of Thos. Leach, two miles northwest of town, and two of bis children have already died. Minnie, aged ten years, died ast week, and Alonzo, aged eighteen years, was taken with it Sunday and died Tuesday morning. it is a great calamity to the family and they.Jv"c the sympathy of the community. Proper p'rucautibns wer'i: not taken against the spread of the fatal disease. It carne here from Lima where some one is seriously to blame for its spreading. If it gets into the school here the results will be serious.


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