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Run Into By The Cars

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On Wednesday morning, Charles H. Baxter, who drives a hack i'or Robisoii & Howlett, was Uirown from his hack and badly, but not seriously injured. He was driviog up Detroit street with a team of horses which are afraid oí' the street cars wheii they meet them in a narrow place. He tried to drive past Schmidt's shop and turn on North street, but the car was coming so tast that Mr. Baxter saw that he would not be able to get there. He pulled in his horses, and they began to rear, the driver of the approaching car paying no attention to them. As the car got beside the horses, they backed the rear end of the hack into the car and Baxter was thrown to the ground, striking on his head and shoulders. ïhe horses ran up Detroit street, but were soon caught. The düinage to the hack will amount to $15 or 820. The carelessness or thoughtlessness of sorne ot' the motormen who are in charge has causee! considerable comment reeently. The men should be instructed by those in charge that they do not have all the privileges in the streets. With a little care on their part, accidents of tliis character could be avoided. 8ome of the men in charge of cars pay little ittention to parties driving spirited horses, and only pound their bells the louder when a horse acts as though lie was trying to get away. Not all the men do this, but the company bas men in their employ who pay little if any attention to the rights of the public in the streets. Ou Monday i serious accident nearly occurred in front of the National bank. A gentleman driving a horse which was somewhat afraid of the cars, seeing that he could not reach the corner before in approaching car, turned the horee in toward the curb He had not driven in far enough before the car struck the rear end of his carriage, nearly overturning it and another one next to it. Such carelessness is inexcusable aml should not be tolerated a minute by the oflicers of the company.