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Saturday 7 jE iW 1 ml tWJM Is a handsome sbcteen-page weekly newspaper, filled with the most entertáimne readingthat brillianl ramds, well trained in every department of literature caiSce It has the advantage of the fast-maïl service and isdelivered at the majorffy f pos!' offices on day of publicalion. . raajoncj u posl-. The Chicago Hkuald is the foremos-t joumalistic champion of Westera interests, and, beüeving that these are assailed by the protective tariff it s an m,cm„l ing opponent of a System that takes from the many to enrich the few T , Í - ï „ broadlyand progressively democratie in politics, but it is bound to no x, t ave as that party stands for princip e and justice. Believing that the safetv . f thT -m b ie uow demands a retunv to constitutional methods, to econoray in adtninistration o the bliteration of u-ar passions and to the su.n.nary defeat of L powè ■ n e ; t t have alhed hem?e ves u„h the leaders of the república,, pa Viv f . r th "p m ei pram -ting selfish intereste al the expense of the whole people, The Her "o return of the democracy o power and wOl labo, intelligemly' l0 ,hat end A special feature of 1 hk Satürday Eu.tion op The Hkrald and one t„ whichmuch ..pace is devoted, is the weekly record of the ' pr, éress „f ! H i,„, with fine illustrations. This alone mies it i„disPc„s„lE u h s, !„ in "nd fair, and ,o those vvho do not a Comprehe„sL descriptíon wui bc 7hc „"xi In addition to this The Saturday Edition of Th Hpt.m uliscription can be made. ' a Xeal "-vr - $i.So Sunday, one var . v5 Shcmonths 7J Daily and sihday'üptklï Daily, includmg Saturday, lyear. 6.00 Sample copies fret Address THE CHICAGO HERAI D 1AHES W. SCOTT. P.b.rt, OHTCAOn „


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