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Real Estáte for Sale. ! OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF O Washtenaw, ss. In the matter of tho estáte of Tliemas Cnllmane, deceased. Noticeis hereby inven, that in pursuanceol an order granted to th uudersigned adinin istratordo bonis non, witlí the will annexed of 'lio estáte of s.tid deoeased by the Hon I Judgo of Probate Coi the County of Waslite na-, 011 the iiinth day of Pebi-uary A. 1). 1H92 there wlll be eold at public veudue to the bigrhest bidder, ui the resideijoe of -..lid i deoeased inthe townshipof Scio, in tüftC'o.i.ttj I of V nshtenaw, in said Stato, on Tuesdsi y he twenty-uintb duy uf Maivh. A 1') d ten o'olock m tlie íorenoon of that diiy ,Mih: joet to ni! enoumbranees by murtífá,; ■ nj otherwise existinff ut the tiuie of the ütíutfl of eaid üeceased the d seribed ril j estáte, to-wi: : Tlie ivet half ot tlie Dorthwest fraetional quarterol seetion thlrty-one, iu townaliip twq eouth, rango ñvo east, i:i VVashteDaw eounty, ilií-hiyan . Aleo2a acres off the nprth end of theeast liaü' ot quartor pf.BBCtiou thirty■ IJjjjj camgc ,-, etwt, ia A iso ten iicri'-i of laudoit iheëiSt íinlfR" tht northwot quarter of sootiou ai, tmKinnins at tho southwesttooruev of the east half of the northwest quarter of section :1, towit 2 south raog-eñeast: i henee east t'ort.v rods; theuce northforty roos; thenoe west forty rodsthenee soatli forty rods; to the place of begitmiiig-. GKORGE C. PAOE, _ " Adminislrator de bonis non witb Dated Fe!. 9, lb'j, the will annexed _J GEï A TICKET OF W. P. LOMOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway, and yon are pntitled to a clioieoof tho Rome Instructor or the Life of Genwal Sherman or the Life of P. ']'. Biirnum (FKEE) when cash parchase lo the anmuiit of Í15 has been made THE HOME INSTRUCTOR. mèiSèg OCTAVO, 47S PAC US, ILLUSTRA 1 AD. A compendium of uxorul knowledge neojssary for t lie practical uses of evervday hfe. A complete and perfect f uldeto liie in i)iiblic and private. THE ÜFE AIVD DEEDS OF W T. SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 568 PAOKS, ILLCS1 RA J'ftD. A grraphio narrativa of bis bovbood and eariy Ufe, education, oareer iu Ploridaand California, military achieveraents lite as i citizcn. last elokness and death; idtli fine sted THE LIFE OF P. T. BARD1UM, THE WORLD RËNOWNED SHOWMAN. T'uli9r' OCTAVO ,520 PAGES. ÏLLVï UlAlhD. Hit i'iirly life and struggles, bol.l ventures and brill1nnt success: his wonderful ïareer, hls wit, genius and eloqiienoe, his lift: 18 aoiWzeb. etc- to whicli i added his famous aook, The Art of Mmwy Qetting.


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