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A College Education Attacked From A Business Point Of Views

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A boy is not educated when he leaves college any more than a jockey has won a race after a raorning's practice. It will hardly be said, however, that of two jockeys one who is familiar with the stable, understands manipulation of the harness, and has had experimental opportunity of speeding his nag, 'f not havo a bettcr chance, the horses being equal, of winning a race than one who is unequipped and uninformed as to the track and animal. It seems to me this whole discussion turns upon the one question: " What kind of success is meant?" says a New York Recorder writer. I believe that boy, who, after a few years of common school training, is put, at the age of 12 or 13, into a store or office is better started in life for the making of money in mercantile channels than one, who, at the age of 23, being graduated from college, goes into the same line of endeavor. That's common sense, for he finds himself a young man, uninformed as to the details of the several grades through which his companion has struggled and worked for a dozen years while he was studying, and it seems to me, also, that the question as to whether the young man from college wouldn't be able in a very shot time to master all the details that his hardworking companion has learned by dint of experience must be answered :n the negative. There nothing like


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