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W. L. Douglas $3 Shoe

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It is made of the best leather produced in this country. It is a calf Shoe, made seamless, best dongola tops. It is as smooth inside as a hand-sewed Shoe. It is equal to other makes costing from $4. to $5. It is stylish, durable and comfortable to the feet. The Best Shoe in the World for the Price. FOR GENTLEMEN. tC 00 GENUINE HA ND3)3 e SE WED. It equals imported French shoes from $8 to $12, and cannot be duplicated at this price. &A OOhand-sewed S4i WELT. The finest calf, stylish, comf ortable and durable, and the best dress shoe in the country for the price; same grade as custom made shoes costing from $6 to $9. dQ 50 PÓLICE SHOE, for vPOa farmers, railroad men, Ac. Best calf, seamless, smooth inside, three heavy soles with extensión edge. . One pair will do for a yearO 50 FINE CALF. No u)B betteror more serviceable Shoe was ever offered at this price. One trial will convince. fcO 25 and $2.00 WORKVDglNGMAN'S Slioes. Equal those of other makes costing1 from $2.5O to $3.OO, and are the best in the world for the price. SPECIAL. W. L. DOUCLAS' $1.75 BROCAN. The best Brogan for the price ever placed on the market. Solld leatherthroushout, vcry strongly made, and will not rip. ' CAUTION. FOR LADIES. tA nil HAND-SEWED SHOE, L J UU s made of Ilio best ■jjajg Dongoln ; stylish, durable r and easy flttinir. Equals imported French slioes costing from s 1.00 to $6.00. Hl (f) Kil BEST DONGOLA, perL E JU fect in every way. ■11 ƒ_■ Succoss has ïftcnded our 1" efforts to produce a flrstclass slioc at f his popular price. Aa fifi L0W IN PRICE, but Ki UUi „ot in quality. No tjj . shoe at this price has cheu 1"" better satisf' action. ld 4 7R F0R XISSES, combines L ' J style with the hygienic ■Ja I ■ principies so necessary in f ■ the footwear of misses and young1 ladies. FOR BOYS. 00 00 and $U553SÏÏ -1 i are made of the best mateV1 rial throuffhout; will not rip, and will stand more hard usage than any other shoes sold at these prices. SFSCIAXi. HV. JL. DOV6LAS' .OO CALF SHOE FOKLAOIESanill.iS CALPSHOE FOK CI1II.X have just been perfected. l'liiy are made scamlcss, of silciloil calf , with kangaroo calf tops. and specially sultable for outdoor wear and school shoes. Keen the feet dry, without the use of rubbers. F8i sáLE by Wm. Reinharclt & Co., abbqr, These Slioes are made and guaranteed by the iñanufacturer to be price-worthy goods, and all have the price and namo of W. L. DOUGLAS stamped on bottom. Be sure you are ïiot deceived by inferior articles, and carefully examine bottom of each shoe for stamp before purchasing. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brookton, Mass. ' s&r TAKE NO "SUBSTITUTES. s


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