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Tucumseh is to have a band. Dundee is filling up with trottinghorses. M. A. Curtiss is the new landlord of the Goodyear House at Manchester.1 On May ist, William Bliss and Miss May Daniels were married at Milan. William Fritz, of Freedom, died on May 4th, of heart disease, aged 48 years. William Smith, of Ypsilanti, has sold his grocery stock to W. B. Clarke, of Galesburg. William Turner, of Manchester township, died on May 3rd, of erysipelas, aged 77 years. H. M. Burt, formerly a prominent citizen of Milan, died a few days ago at Berrien Springs. The Scharf Tag, Label and Box Co., of Ypsilanti, will furnish shipping tags to the United States Express Co. They have reeeived a trial order for one million. Gus Prochnow raised a 30x50 foot barn Monday. It is reported that it took several kegs of beer besides a large force of men to ye-o-he the frame in place. - South Lyon Excelsior. Another change is to be -made in the running of the Tri-county Picket, A. H. Herrón retiring, and S. W. Callahan, of Lansing, associating himself with E. V. Chilson in the proprietorship of the paper. Cassius Valentinecame near meeting with a serious accident Tuesday morning. While handling over some of those magnificent sheep one of them lost the usual respect for its master, and kicked a dish of some kind of drug into Mr. Valentine's eyes, which was for a time quite painful. - Dexter Leader. Six men and two women gave an entertainment under canvas in this citv, last Wednesday, which they were pleased to cali a circus. More people attended than usually greet the Forepaugh or Barnum shows. It has beeu said, and evidently is true, that the people like tobe humbugged. - Ypsilanti Commercial. The horse of Postmaster Walters. of Willis, ran away recently and a tougher looking government official was never seen than was Walters as he was fished out of a ditch filled with muddy water, his resting place as he was thrown f rom the buggy. After digging the mud out of his eyes and having him spit out about a gallon of muddy water, it was found that he wasuninjured. Not all harmony in the M. E. Society at present. The disturbance in the choir that has been brewing for some time has finally resulted in the withdrawal of a number from the society, and apparently the end is not yet. The Excelsior is in hopes that the grace and love that belongs to Christians may be exhibited, and the good name and work of the church may go on in unity and their Christian influence teil for good. - South Lyon Excelsior. A bold bad burglar was prowling around John Steidle's house Monday night. A lamp was burning in the bedroom and by its light the burglar discovered a pair of pants lying on a chair near the window; he smashed in a pane of glass, seized the pants and skedaddled. It hapened that they were a pair that Mr. Steidle had left there for Iris wife to mend, and he had therefore taken the precaution to remove all the chink, which made it an unprofitable haul for the gay and festive midnight prowler. The pants were found in the yard the next day. - Milan Leader. Gyp Gable, of this place, went to Willis Saturday night, and hitched his horse in front of the barbershop. While he was inside his horse got unhitched and started for homej Gable and some boys got a lantern and tracked the horse west to the first four corners and found it had gone south, so they followed on until near the railroad, where they found the horse flat on his back in a deep hole and all four feet sticking right up in the air, and the buggy turned bottom up in the hole also. They got the horse out all right and no harm was done, only one wheel broken and had to cut some of his harness. - Ypsilanti Commercial. A rather peculiar but more sad circumstance happened at the home of Wm. Fritz, in Lodi, yesterday afternoon. Mr. F., who was a strong robust Germán farmer of that vicinity, after eating dinner and feeling usually well went out to cultívate in a tield near the house and after going a few rounds feit a severe pain in his head, he went to the house, sat on the steps a few minutes only when he became speechless. and entirely prostrate. His father, who was present, hastened to cali Dr. Chandler, who lost no time in reaching the bedside of Mr. F. It was too late; he had been dead nearly an hour when the father and doctor returned. Paralysis probably the cause. - Saline Observer. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bertke, of Freedom, a son, May 3ra. The postmaster at Grass Lake is looking for all the odd change. He does a little extra assorting of the mails for Trist and Sharonville andreceives $60 for it. The Grass Lake sports contémplate putting the trotting track on the Pease farm in first class condition and have a place to show up the speed of their animáis hereafter. During the storm last Sunday night water worked its way down the wall forming the east side of Frank Davenport's stable in rear of the Denslow house, causing the vast mass of brick and stone constituting it to cave in toward the horses. Two valuable animáis were in the stalls hitched with their heads toward this wall, but the collapse probably came slow enough to admit of their springing back out of the way. A good many wagon loads of earth and masonry will haveto be removed before the wall can be repaired.- Grass Lake News. Anyone who has not visited the Hammond farm south of this city within a month woiild scarcely recognize the place now. It is surprising how much energy and money can accomplish in a short time. Anything like a detailed description of the many great improvements recently made there would be sible, but it is very safe to say that the beautiful "cottage" more elegantly finished and furnished than any house in this city, the two new barns whose aggregate length is over 500 feet, the private mile race track, the water works and electric light plants, the long rows of trees, the fine trout stream, the imposing stone gateway, the gravel drives, the flowerbeds and plants alone costing thousands of dollars, all these and many other things combined make for Mr. Hammond what will soon be the very finest stock farm in this whole state. He has already done his part toward making it so; it only remains to cive nature a little time